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Author Topic: Starting out my RV'ing Journey...  (Read 1667 times)


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Starting out my RV'ing Journey...
« on: January 23, 2014, 03:57:15 PM »
Well, I have been looking around for an RV that will be part live in, and a small part, traveling home for our "vacationteer" work... see, fusing Volunteer work for site constructions as well as vacationing... :D

For now, I have only one home in my name that I'm renting out.  I'm debating on purchasing another home, which will likely be the case and use it as home base.  To take it nice and slow... Instead of renting cheaply, but, still, throwing away money, I have been in and looked at some new and used 5th wheels and TT.  I'm not planning on traveling with it for a few months, at least, and wanted to give it a go in a RV park for that time frame.  Have it towed to my chosen park and sit in it for awhile.  My wife and I are on the same page with this step.  My Golden doesn't really care either way, as long as she has a place to take her LOOONG naps!

By the way, I'm in Utah County and have been looking at RV parks around here.

I ask where else I can go to check out specifics on particular models that I like, such as this one, though, I'm more into getting a four seasons rig, than really, getting a particular Brand name:

Basically, a 5th wheel, 32+ feet, or a TT in the 30+ feet in size will seem to be sufficient for our needs now and when we travel.  For traveling, it will be nationwide (US for those international folks), I'm looking at staying still for a few months to 6 and then driving back to home base... or if no home base exists... our next "vacationteer" will be our destination for a few months again... and so on.

I work and have a salary with flexible times to work on weekdays.  So, I have been looking at 'fast' Internet options.

No Tow Vehicle purchase for now, until I decide on the unit, then, get a vehicle, very likely, used, that can handle the load.  So, this, the Tow vehicle will be a few months from now.  The Unit,well, within the next 2 weeks!
As to a personal vehicle, we have a VW Passat that will be driven to those 'sites' as well, so, that will be our around town vehicle.

Oh, and also, recommendations for financing, as I would like to write some of these purchases off! ;)

Good times and thanks for sharing your vast RV experience to us newcomers.

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Re: Starting out my RV'ing Journey...
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2014, 06:05:49 PM »
You will need an RV suitable for all seasons to live in Utah County. If you’ve lived here long you know it can go below zero on winter nights occasionally. Not much in the north part of the county as far as places to park an RV.
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Re: Starting out my RV'ing Journey...
« Reply #2 on: January 23, 2014, 07:08:04 PM »
YUP!  Only been here a little over a year, to help with my father in law's cancer treatment and support. 

It can get frightfully cold, yes!  However, a Four seasons or is the designation, Winter weather the same?  I may be opening up a can o worms with how some designate what is 'ready' for Winter RV'ing.

True... I've only found a handful, 3 or 4 RV parks in the area, though, I had a thought that maybe I could use an empty Mobile Home slab and rent that space out?  Not sure if the connections are compatible or if I will need to make those modifications.

Thanks Smith, for the post!


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Re: Starting out my RV'ing Journey...
« Reply #3 on: January 23, 2014, 11:26:03 PM »
Your opinions on these rigs are appreciated:



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Re: Starting out my RV'ing Journey...
« Reply #4 on: January 24, 2014, 08:34:20 AM »
Not much mention of things like double pane windows, insulation etc. in those rigs. They will not be very good candidates for 'winter' living and you will have to have a,  more or less, winter setup with insulated water lines, heated tanks , enclosed underside etc. if you are contemplating this kind of environment. You might be better of renting a park model  or mobile home for your time in that area. Finding an open park in areas frequently below freezing is also difficult, mobile home parks are about the only choice available. JMHO

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Re: Starting out my RV'ing Journey...
« Reply #5 on: March 07, 2014, 12:54:16 PM »
We recently started our "RV'ing Journey."  We started with a 35' TT.  After 7 weeks, we lost a bundle, but traded up to a 39' fifth-wheel.  Decided we needed more bedroom space and a washer/dryer.  We chose the four season Montana.  Just because it's four-season, doesn't mean it won't freeze.  We are in Arkansas, but have had unusually cold weather this winter.  Wind chills below 0 with actual lows in the single digits, on a few nights.  We managed to not freeze by double insulating the water hose, opening a couple of faucets to a small stream flow at night, and strategically placing a couple of electric space heaters and fans.  Our fiver also has the electric fireplace which is actually a heater and I highly recommend it.  An RV in really cold weather is a challenge, but doable. 

We are in a mobile home park that also has some RV spots.  At this point, we have been full timers for 6 months.  We LOVE it!

We, too, plan to stay at places a few months at a time, rather than constant traveling.  Even so - The fiver tows MUCH easier and there is a big difference in storage in a fiver vs. TT. 

Prior to trading the 7 week old TT for the fiver, we also traded the 7 month old 1/2 ton for a 3/4 diesel.  Though the TT was 1/2 ton towable, it was still a load on the truck.  The truck had the tow package and plenty of power, but you had to "drive" it, even with the sway bars and load leveling hitch. With the 3/4 ton and fiver, it is a "ride."  This makes for a much more pleasant trip.
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