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Author Topic: RVing working musician  (Read 1101 times)


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RVing working musician
« on: January 26, 2014, 11:53:18 AM »
Hi all, brand new to the forum, although I've been reading incessantly for weeks.
I'm a civil servant & can take early retirement at the end of 2020. DH and I have decided we want to hit the road as full time RVers then so he can continue working. He's a successful solo acoustic guitarist with a great voice. He keeps very busy here in Ohio from May - October playing patio gigs ... He does a lot of classic rock & blues tunes with a few more recent songs thrown in. Does anyone know others who travel to play live music? What's the live music scene like in RV parks? We're thinking he may be able to find lots of work in tourist areas along the east coast.
Thanks in advance for all comments & suggestions.

Kim (skyking4ar2) Bertram

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Re: RVing working musician
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2014, 12:45:32 PM »
We actually have a message board here, Making Music on the Road,  that may help!
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Bob Buchanan

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Re: RVing working musician
« Reply #2 on: January 26, 2014, 05:23:15 PM »
     Not sure of how many such gigs are available - though when I attend certain rallies I see such musicians. For example at Quartzsite each year I stop and listen to quite a few at different sites.

Around 7 or 8 years ago while in Gila Bend, AZ - I noticed a fellow that looked an awful lot like Willie Nelson. His newly purchased bus conversion had failed and he had coasted into the truck stop parking lot next to my location. I helped him during his stay, especially with a closer water outlet than he was carrying a 5 gallon contain to several times a day. And we have been friends since . . .

Turns out this was Almost Willie who has won contests and is now justifiably the number 1 Willie Nelson impersonator. He has since sold that older bus and now has the one seen on his web site. A few years later I met up with him  - he was then married to a lady (Miss Kitty) who has a masters in marketing. She has done a great job doing that as I look at his current website. Before Miss Kitty, Almost Willie enjoyed just having fun with what he was doing vs. developing his brand.


They now travel the country setting up gigs at RV parks, rallies, or wherever and seem to be doing fine. He tells me return business is good. The real Willie has given him free passes to all his concerts and I understand they have played golf together.

Here are some pics taken by the old bus w/o a transmission, a few at a concert he gave in Gila Bend for those of us that helped him out, and a later pic he took of me with Miss Kitty by their current bus. BTW, he had made his guitar an exact duplicate of Willie's - hole and all.
Bob (fulltimer - Rocklin, CA residency)
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Re: RVing working musician
« Reply #3 on: January 26, 2014, 08:46:17 PM »
Thanks so much for the info on Almost Willie, Bob ... Looks like an interesting show! We're trying to learn as much as we can and plan to visit some RV parks on our next trip to Florida.