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Author Topic: Anyone has any advice about securing cabinets in a 1997 Dodge Ram Mark III Van  (Read 1709 times)

Mary Wright

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Hi, I am a newbie and I have a question.  I have a 1997 Dodge Ram Mark III Conversion Van.  I am trying to do some updates to make it more friendly for camping.  I have three grandsons ages 11,8, and 7.  Inside the van, there is a queen size electric bed.  It converts from seating to bed.  I need to be able to buckle the boys in while traveling.  I have removed the two middle seats.  I bought a cabinet to put in a frig, microwave, sink, stove,etc. How do I go about securing the cabinet to the vehicle?  I am a female and will be going with the boys alone. My husband is disabled and so I am doing the work myself.  I want to make sure that when we go the cabinet and contends does not fly all over the van.  What is the best way to secure it?  I appreciate any help I can get.  Thanks ahead of time.   

Len and Jo

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Just saw this post Mary.

I would recommend that you chk out the Sportsmobile Forum:   http://www.sportsmobileforum.com/.  What you are trying to do sounds a lot like the  RB50 layout many of the members have in their vans.  If you can look at members picture galleries you will be able to get many good ideas for attaching things.
Len & Jo
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Mary Wright

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3 growing boys and a disabled guy? that's going to be crowded and uncomfortable, I'd think. And no privacy at all. Do you intend to sleep in it as well as travel?  If so, I'd definitely consider towing a (very small) trailer behind it. maybe 6 ft x12 ft. If you puch much weight it in, tho, you'll wish it had 2 axles. :-) Consider using inflatable chairs for the kids in back during travel, so that they can be deflated, rolled up and stashed out of the way for sleeping.. Also consider hammocks for the boys to sleep in
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