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Author Topic: Questions about Okanagan truck camper and traco hydro flame troubleshooting  (Read 2140 times)


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Hello Everyone!
I recently acquired (for free) a Okanagan Import truck camper. Its not quite 8 feet long and seems pretty light Im 5'8 155lbs and can lift the front up!
It had a 3 way fridge in it that has been removed.... the propane line has been capped off as well.
The stove works fine, not a single problem.
Now the furnace on the other had i cant seem to get to work.
There is no propane smell, no hissing or anything. I cant even light the pilot.
There isnt much information on the internet about these specific heaters.
But these are my questions.
Where should i start? can i try to blow the line out with an air compressor?
Would parts be an issue for this specific furnace?
What year do you think this camper is?
What would one think this thing would weigh approx?
I have it in the back of my V6 Tacoma. The pictures are of the first time i picked it up. I have since added an add-a-leaf and it sits much leveler.



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First of all, make sure the bottle is at least half full. If good hold the primer in for a longer period, at least a minute before hitting the igniter to allow time for air to be purged. Still no joy? Take it to an authorized repair center, propane appliances need to be repaired by qualified personnel.
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There is no igniter on this model as you can see from the pictures.
Im pretty sure you light the pilot with a bbq lighter.
Im being a real cheap ass with this camper considering i got it for free so im trying to fix everything myself.


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It sure sounds like there is no propane getting to it. Are you sure that in removing the oven, the propane supply was not interrupted?
One way to be sure you get propane at the unit is to crack open the feed into the heater for a very short period, the propane should smell quite strongly. This would also force any air out of the feeder system but make sure you ventilate very well after the experiment.

Did you come across this article in your search? It seems that the unit may be made in Calgary AB and the company may still be around:

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