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Didn't receive the email notification?


If you've registered for an account in this forum but have not received an email with an activation link, there are a few possible reasons:

* You entered an invalid email address (or one you don't check) in the registration screen.
* You mis-typed your email address in the registration screen.
* You're using a spam blocking service or software which is blocking the email.
If, after correcting the above, you still don't receive the email, please click the 'envelope' icon beneath my name and avatar (on the left of this message) to send me a message.

Note that we cannot respond to a spam blocking service that requires us to click a link before you can read our email. If you use one of these services, you'll need to change the settings to allow emails from our domain. Please be sure any automatic reply emails, such as "I'm away until .... and will read your email when I get back", are turned off; Such messages end up in the trash can automatically.



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