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Author Topic: 1986 Fleetwood Tioga Arrow  (Read 1320 times)


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1986 Fleetwood Tioga Arrow
« on: July 05, 2014, 02:45:46 PM »
Hi everyone!  New to the forum...New to RVing.  Please be patient with me lol

My parents recently gave us their 1986 Fleetwood Tioga Arrow with the 460 in it.  They haven't used it camping in probably 15 years (or more).  They drove it 2+ hours, 4 years ago, to relocate it only.  When they drove it then, the motor started right up and drove like a dream (I only know/believe this because I was there ha).  Since then, it has been stored in a horse arena.  In 2010, that building that it was housed in collapsed and a beam landed on the ac unit on the roof.  However, there are no leaks in the motorhome; just two 6-inch cracks in the paint on the ceiling and a slightly noticeable drop viewable from the inside and top of the RV.  Looking at it from the roof, you can see that the ac unit's housing is also severely cracked. 

When turning the AC on, it sounds like it should be working however no air is being moved.  My question(s) regarding both of these issues...

1.  Is it worth it to replace the whole roof? How much would that cost?
2.  How do I go about getting a new AC unit for such an old RV?

My next issues are the interior items such as the stove and refrigerator.  We plugged the RV up, and the interior lights came on.  We haven't tried the other things.  The Onan generator won't start, but that is a separate issue in my opinion, and one that we can deal with down the road.  Should we just hook up new propane tanks and see how many things work and don't work?  Or scrounge up the money and buy new items.

Other things like redecorating, updating the couch cushions/mattresses, window shades and things like that will be next, but I really am not worried about those.  However, if anyone has any good links with pictures or remodeling stories/advice...I am all ears!!

Thanks to everyone in advance!!