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Author Topic: Custom Crafted Coach slide  (Read 906 times)


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Custom Crafted Coach slide
« on: July 09, 2014, 08:45:18 PM »
Look for some information. My motor home has a slide installed by a company who is now out of business, Custom Crafted Coach out of Minonk IL. From what I been told they used to do the slides for MCI. I cannot verify any of that. What I am look for is cable routing Diagram. I have a broken cable on the rear of the slide I have a ton of slack and no pulleys without cable and not enough room to see where the broken cable should be attached. Any one familiar with this company? Have any info on this slide? Know an old employee who could help? I am on my own here the two local RV repair guys had the deer in the headlight look. If I cant find where this cable goes I will removing the whole slide when I get back to work in Aug.

Mike and Paula


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Re: Custom Crafted Coach slide
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2014, 07:20:16 PM »
Never Got any Responses from this but I what to put on here is case any one else has issues...

So finely tackled this project. 2 weekends, 1 to reverse engineer it and Second to make the repairs.
1) I now know more about this side than I ever wanted to.
2) I found 2 hidden pulley system for the bottom that where in the wheel well and storage compartment that if I would have found before would have made life a little easier. I figured the top would be like the bottom…..NOPE.

If anyone needs info on this system (it is nothing like the Accu-Slide) email me I will give you my phone number we can talk. Would be better than trying to type it all out in a post or email.

A few notes:
-Adjustment is key with cable systems.
-Do one cable at a time. I know this sounds like common sense but with mine one loop attached to the chain drive what routed to two cable. Cut one swage reroute top the do the same to the bottom.
-If you look at the middle pic. that was after I ran it a few time. this gave the cables time to stretch and settle. This is also key. and why I would do them one at a time till there "cured" for lack of a better term.

 8 new cables used 75 ft of 1/8 cable and a million swages.

And one near catastrophe. Yes I lowered the forklift to much. One inch down bye bye window up awning gone.
Last, one bottle of Advil……Getting old is for the birds.
Mike and Paula