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Author Topic: True four season travel trailers  (Read 149939 times)


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Re: True four season travel trailers
« Reply #30 on: May 31, 2018, 02:10:41 PM »
Winter RV'ers,

 I bought a 2018 Kodiak Cub 20 ft travel trailer I now regret. 

The lure of winter camping was too much.  I went home found a good used tow vehicle and bought them both.

The Keystone/Dutchman/Kodiak representative said (after I bought it and found the plumbing froze at 29 degrees F) the Cub was not intended to be a 4 season trailer. 

Here is the resolution to the 2018 Kodiak Cub KD176RD18 4 season failure.
After carefully documenting the issue and all communications with Kodiak/Keystone/Dutchman, about two dozen lawyers failed to call me back.  Two who did refused to help.
The Wisconsin Department of Consumer Protection took two months to write a letter to Kodiak.  Kodiak wrote back that they would do nothing.  WDCP wrote me saying Kodiak would do nothing.
I contacted the Wisconsin State Journal SOS journalist Chris Rickert.  He call Sunny Island RV where I bought the trailer.  Within 24 hours, Sunny Island RV manager Jeff Tegner called me back and asked me to bring the trailer back.  They would make it right. 
It took more the $2000 and 4 weeks to seal, insulate, and install tank heaters.  Sunny Island RV covered most of the cost.  Kodiak paid $300 because the heat drop from the furnace was not cut through to floor to heat the belly.
On March 1 I tested the trailer in my driveway.  It worked.  The temperature outside dropped to 20 degrees F.  The temperature in the belly remained a constant 45 degrees.
Two weeks later we made our first winter trip in the trailer.  We camped in the best campsite at Wisconsinís Wyalusing State Park for 5 days.  From the bluff campsite we watched the eagles soar below us.
Conclusion:  The pen is mightier than the law.  Donít buy Kodiak, Keystone, or Dutchman.  They are lying, cheating, frauds.
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