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Author Topic: Anyone interested in teaming up with two cyclists to Race Across America?  (Read 1421 times)


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I hope this won't come across as an inappropriate post, and if so, please accept my apologies in advance. But a friend on mine and I are planning to compete in the 2015 Race Across America (as a pair). This is a 9 day endurance event from the West to East coast of the States during which we'd alternate riding every 4 hrs, all day and all night until the race was done.

We clearly love cycling and are putting a team together to help us do this and we thought that some perfect team mates might be a couple who enjoyed RV-ing as much as we love cycling and would be interested in a trip across America helping us in the race?

The race starts on 20th June at Oceanside, CA and finishes in Annapolis, MD and will be pretty tough on everyone involved, primarily due to the lack of sleep, but could be a hugely memorable experience for everyone and a chance to build some special and different friendships. And whilst one direction of the trip might be tiring the return leg (or first leg) would be much more relaxed!

If anyone is interested or would like to hear more please let me know!