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Author Topic: Help choosing the right Rig.  (Read 1914 times)


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Help choosing the right Rig.
« on: January 11, 2015, 11:25:28 PM »
I am taking this year to plan my transition into living in an RV full-time next year. One of the first things I want to decide is what type/size RV to get. Its just me, so I don't need much room. My budget is around $35,000. I would need to finance that amount, but I do have a truck to trade in.

The way I see it, I have 3 choices at the moment:

1. I find a class B-plus for around 35k and sell my current truck for around $9000, financing the rest. In this option I would need the RV to be a manageable size for everyday driving.
2. I find a travel trailer for around 25k and trade my truck in on one that can pull the trailer. I have a V6 Tacoma and believe I'll need more power if I go with a trailer.
3. Same as option 1, but I buy an adequate motorcycle and carrier lift for short local trips, instead of having to take the RV out every time.

I'd love to get some advice from experienced full-timers, on the above options or perhaps a completely different option.


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Re: Help choosing the right Rig.
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2015, 10:05:52 AM »
It's all about you and what you find acceptable for living space and style.  Spend a lot of time looking at actual RVs of different sizes and types to see what appears comfortable. Stand in the shower, sit on the toilet, figure out where your computer sits and phone charger is plugged. How about places for pots & pans, a coffee pot, maybe a toaster, clothing and dirty laundry, that sort of thing? Those will drive the size that you need and its usually bigger than newcomers first think. A bathroom that is OK for a weekend often gets to be a real pain in every day use.

Using the RV for local transportation is doable but not convenient. Fitting a small motorhome and a car in the $35k budget will stretch it, but not beyond reason. Again, your minimum acceptable needs are the key factor. A $7000 car and a $25,000 coach are certainly within reason if you aren't too demanding [I intentionally left $3000 for a reserve].

A truck and trailer is a better fit for a small budget, but the truck will eat a lot of that $35k. You need a substantial truck for fulltime trailer hauling, preferably a 3/4 ton and maybe a diesel.
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Re: Help choosing the right Rig.
« Reply #2 on: February 03, 2015, 11:33:12 AM »
I completely agree with Gary...and I absolutely stood in the shower prior to buying.  If your purchasing something for recreation and it's not exactly what you want  not nearly as big of a deal as being unhappy in your full time living space.
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Re: Help choosing the right Rig.
« Reply #3 on: February 27, 2015, 02:36:36 PM »
For me personally, after spending a few years in a travel trailer, I'm left for wanting a 5th wheel.

The TT works and is completely doable, don't get me wrong, but if I could start over again it would be something like a 26-28 foot 5th wheel.
*More storage, better head room, a general feeling of much more & better living space.
*Probably easier to hook up and unhook with slightly better towing and road stability.
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