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Author Topic: Broken uke tuner knob  (Read 1906 times)


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Broken uke tuner knob
« on: March 29, 2015, 08:03:55 PM »
With 40-45 folks tightly packed in our practice facility, it's common to hear a uke or two hit the deck. Some of us play two or three instruments, which increases the probability that a uke will take a crash. My concert 'Fluke' ukulele has a flat end that it sits on (without the need for a uke stand), and has been kicked across the room more times than I care to admit. It's indestructible, and doesn't even go out of tune when it gets abused.

Last week I took my banjouke (aka banjo ukulele aka banjolele) out of its case and saw one of the tuner knobs disintegrate. My guess is that the knob was cracked during a prior crash and I didn't notice it. When I took it out of the case last week, the strap was wrapped around that tuner, and that was the death knell.

Friday I went to my favorite music store (LaMorinda Music in Lafayette, CA). As usual, the techs dropped what they were doing and hopped on my banjouke. They didn't have the identical tuner or a (molded) knob. Instead, they took a knob from another tuner, shaped it to fit my tuner, and glued it in place.

This is similar to my experience with a cracked bridge on one of my guitars; They fashioned a bridge from one they had in stock, copying the exact shape of my old bridge.

I just love the service these folks provide, and have purchased a number of instruments from them. They match the lowest advertised price on any instrument, in addition to a discount I negotiated for our band. I also send them a lot of business from our ukulele band, and everyone is happy with this dealership.
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