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Author Topic: Floorplans and customizing  (Read 1876 times)


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Floorplans and customizing
« on: April 20, 2015, 03:16:51 PM »
I hope this is in the right place, as it's a more general question.  So, the advice I'm getting the most is to find the floorplan that works best for me.  However, i've yet to find anything that is perfect - new or used.  And I can see in there are a lot of folks that have customized and remodeled. 

I have a few general questions (bear in mind this is for Class A MH):

1.) Kitchens are my downfall at the moment.  The only one I've seen so far come close to me saying "yes" was the 2015 Winnebago Vista 36Y.  That has more of an L-shape wraparound to give me the space to use my most important appliances (my blender and my steamer).  Getting myself healthy and staying there are huge for me - and I will need to have the space.

I saw a post somewhere about folks that had added some kind of Ikea rolling cart.  How would something like this work? How do you secure it when you move if it's something you've added afterwards.  This could open back up some of the floorplans that I've been dismissing because of cramped kitchen space if I could figure it out.

2.) I've been finding that the majority of these chairs and sofas I'm sitting on are horrifically uncomfortable for me.  I'm short and short legged, and they just dont work.  On of the salesman at a dealership said something about a company that makes a lot of furniture.  Is that where you go to buy different stuff?  I'm guessing since a lot of times these couches are sitting on a slide, I can't just go and buy any ole couch, correct?

3.) The Winnebago I mentioned about was almost perfect except I disliked the curtains up front.  Really wanted shades and blackout ideally.  The salesman seemed to think that wasn't really something that could be done after the fact because of the curve of the front window, which seemed logical.  Does that sound correct? (also evaluating salesman in this question - lol)

4.) If you have a beloved piece of furniture, like my barcolounger, is there any way to get it inside the motorhome?  One of the salesman said something about removing a window ??  I know weight of course is an issue....

5.) Residential fridge vs standard (not sure what you call the standard ones).  I tried searching up here and didn't see much on this discussion.  Do we have a Pros / Cons on these somewhere?  I'm somewhat drawn to the residential because I do so much fresh food, salads, veggies, etc.  But I dont understand the pros and cons to the standard type.  I dont envision much boondocking / dry camping for me - it's not really my style.

6.) The Winne I looked at was also a big hit with me because the had this dinette that was more freestanding, had the popup tv and cabinets, and nice long pull out top, and freestanding chairs.  It would make an awesome office space for me with my laptop, my additional harddrives, etc. - and everything can be together in a tech cabinet setup along with the TV.  I'm guessing that something like that really has to be already there, not customized later - correct?

7.) I detest carpet, like really hate it.  Reading another forum post it seems that replacing flooring is one of the most adventurous customizations, and probably pretty expensive, correct?  The Winne I saw above is flooring just about everywhere, which made me very happy.  Should I look for the flooring to already be there?

8.) Customizing in general - I'm not really the type to do anything major myself, cause I dont have the skills.  So does that mean basically trying to find folks within my area that specialize and plan to visit them, etc.? 

I think the hardest thing for me right now is trying to think about finding the right floorplan.  So many things I see are not what I want.  I was in one MH with (3) television sets and while I understand why some folks would like that all I could see was wasted space everywhere - lol.  But budget is also an issue for me, and choosing a floorplan that requires even more customizations versus having 90% of what I want has to be balanced....
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Re: Floorplans and customizing
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2015, 11:25:56 AM »
Many questions... where to start?

You can use different furnishings, plus some Rvs have better stuff than others (the furniture is one easy way to skimp on cost without necessarily looking cheap). You might want to look at higher priced RVs to get better furniture (buy used to keep the budget realistic).

It's not a big deal to remove one of the larger windows to move stuff in and out. More of a logistics problem than technical, coordinating the furniture delivery with the window workers.

Doesn't have to be RV furniture either - whatever fits. But there are large RV furnishings companies, e.g. Bradd & Hall, plus many online retailers and also RV Surplus stores that have odds and ends. Google will find plenty for you, but here are a few:

RV (and other) furniture can often be disassembled as well. It's common for the backs to be removable, often quite easily.

There are hundreds of floor plans out there, but its hard to see them all. Do your floor plan shopping online and then search for the models that suit you. Again, Google can find dealers who have certain models and floor plans, new or used.
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Re: Floorplans and customizing
« Reply #2 on: April 21, 2015, 11:52:36 AM »
I am an older, short woman with a bad back.  The dinettes in motorhomes were horribly uncomfortable and the table hit me in my chest as I sat.  So I bought a motorhome where I could remove the dinette (nothing important was underneath it) and replaced it with my well-loved leather recliner from home!  The dealer removed the dinette, and I took the back off my Laz-y-boy so it fit in the regular door.  I put down a soft rubber mat and then a plush rug on top of that, and it stays put even when I drive. 

Kitchen counter space can be improved by removing the metal cover to your stove and putting on one of those wooden cutting board that are made to fit RV stoves.  They don't rattle and stay in place nicely as you drive, plus give you more work space.

Also, unless you can glue your appliances down, remember that you will have to store them somewhere as you drive as they will probably fall off the kitchen counter.  Can you make do with a slightly smaller blender and steamer?   
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Re: Floorplans and customizing
« Reply #3 on: April 21, 2015, 12:12:46 PM »
Thanks Gary...  I had found 2 of those links, so I'll check out the third.  Would have to sit in them though, that's another part of the fun i guess...  The window part is interesting, didn't know that...

@JudyJB - I empathize.  I was born with spinal bifida so many chairs and sofa's are horrible on my back.  I have a beloved barcolounger that i dont know if the back comes off or not. For the kitchen, yeah - those 2 pieces come with me no matter what.  They are critical to my long term health and nutrition, so I need to make it work.

Has anyone done a kitchen island?  I saw some in a few 5th wheels on the lot I went through, and they seemed to then have straps in a corner or something to secure.  That could be an interesting potential for me maybe.

And how about the location of the furniture I want to replace?  For instance, the couch that I would remove from this one floorplan sits on a slide... so dont I have to make sure the replacement furniture fits perfectly in the same spot ?
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