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Author Topic: 110VAC ISSUE  (Read 991 times)


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« on: August 29, 2015, 04:22:08 PM »
Hi. I'm new here. Hopefully this is in the right spot. So I have a 1983 Winnebago Brave model 83wcf27ru. The 110 VAC does not work with shore power and does not work with the Onan 4K generator. Generator looks great except for exhaust pipe. I am clueless but will detail what I have seen.
First, generator has a 3 position on switch and in to position will start but not stay running if coach it turned off. Assume this is low battery. I can run gererator for a minute and put in middle position but it will shut down.

The shore power area has along cord plus an extra socket. I assumed this extra socket (30 amp) was so you could plug 2 shore 15 amps in and run a/c. Could it be I need to plug long cord into this socket when I run gen?

I have opened up electrical and not found any 110. But I did find 12v not that I even know what to look for.
There is a large magneto thing in the electrical. I have seen a lot of posts indicate transfer switch could be issue but I should have shore power. I have found the regular breaker/ fuse panel. Don't know where main coach 120v fuse is if there is one.

Pls help. Thanks!!  Don

Lou Schneider

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Hi Don, Welcome to The RV Forum!

The extra socket is wired to the generator.  It's also known as a poor man's transfer switch - just plug the shore power cord into it when you want to use the generator, then unplug the cord and run it out to the campground outlet when you want to use shore power.  Leave it plugged into the generator outlet whenever you're not using shore power so you'll have the generator available.

As far as the generator not running, what kind of generator do you have?  Most generators bypass their shutdown protection while you're holding the switch to crank the generator, then the protections kick in when you release the switch.  If the generator cranks over and fires up until you release the switch your batteries and 12 volt power are OK.

The first thing you should check is the generator oil level.  Almost all generators will shut off to protect the engine unless they see good oil pressure.

Onan generators go a step further and won't let the engine keep running unless it sees good oil pressure and AC voltage from the generator when you release the switch.
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Don't know where main coach 120v fuse is if there is one.

In most 120V breaker panels, the main breaker is the one on the top (or on one end , depending on the panel orientation). It is likely a 30 amp breaker in your case and it feeds all the others which are likely 15/20 amps or so. Breakers are used for 120V distribution, fuses are used for 12V distribution and you may find some of each in the same panel in a "power centre" setup.
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