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Author Topic: Is anyone out there full timing in a Class B ERA of Pleasure Way?  (Read 2034 times)


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I am narrowing my search for an RV for full timing. I have checked out Class A, C, and XYZ. I keep coming back to the Winnebago ERA 70C and the Pleasure Way Plateau XL. I have found that the motors seems to correlate closely to the quality of the interior in Class B's. The Dodge Ram engine would probably be my choice for engine, but the coaches attached don't fit my bill. I love the Mercedes Benz Sprinter Chassis but worry that repair costs would be three times higher than an American made. I am single, (as in one person who will fit nicely and be very comfortable in a Class B), will be full timing on a small fixed income and tight budget, telecommuting along the way for additional income, but need to be very careful with my money. Is the Mercedes out of my league? I will be buying either new or nearly new.


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Re: Is anyone out there full timing in a Class B ERA of Pleasure Way?
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2015, 12:59:04 PM »
First off. I am glad to see your first two posts and the results did not scare you away.

As far as your question, we do not full time in a class B. If it were just me, I would. But, my wife can throw pans accurately at that short a distance.

I have seen several single people full time in class B's, so it can be done. I would think that if you are going to travel a lot and plan on keeping it for years, the Mercedes Benz would pay for the initial cost difference because of the great mileage they get. How do the new unit warranties compare??  If repairs cost triple and you only have a third of the problems, it evens out.

In the end, it is your decision.  I hope that you get some first hand information.     
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Re: Is anyone out there full timing in a Class B ERA or Pleasure Way?
« Reply #2 on: November 15, 2016, 03:24:48 PM »
Hi Aminton, I am at this time undecided, and involved in trying to decide upon a Class B for just myself to live in.  Also considering the ERA and the Pleasure Way (Plateau and Plateau XL TD) as well as a couple of the new Road Trek models... all in all, my needs are simple.  A "full time" home in a Class B that will be able to "off grid" boondocking is a priority for me and I need to stay connected.  I'm looking to travel through the USA taking my time and seriously have been checking out both used and new.   For me, I've been leaning towards the layouts of the PW coaches, especially the new murphy bed model and my main concerns are a bit different.   I want to start out with NO black water tank and use that space instead for a second clean water tank, with the toilet replaced by a Composting toilet that is definitely an available option, this will also allow me to live longer off grid at a time.  I have actually found an "all electric" older PW model that is maxed out on Solar.   Many of the older coaches still do not have Solar or even the option of a multitude of electric outlets (not to mention USB chargers but at least we can retrofit).   I am a bit of a geekette / always worked in tech so for these few reasons alone, I am leaning towards biting the bullet and getting a "last years model" that is loaded with a maximum of solar options and off road / boondocking extras to help me extend my time between traveling - hopefully may find it at year end pricing sales and I am more than likely heading to Louisville KY for the big RV show November 28th through December 1st to check out even more models and see what the existing options are and if waiting on a newer model makes a difference to "how I will be able to live and sustain".  If anyone out there has experience with PW or Roadtrek, or simply in buying a coach and asking for the "max out my solar capabilities" "set me up with a composting toilet and not a black tank", please share how this all worked out for you.  Are these changes that any good dealership can make for a newbie without damaging your coach or are there dealerships better suited for option changes to your rig?  Or is it best to just order what you want and have to pay for that over the long haul of the life of the unit.   I'm planning on keeping the rig for many years, hoping for minimum of 10 years with this rig and in all honesty after the first two, if I love the life, I'll be settled on it.   
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Re: Is anyone out there full timing in a Class B ERA of Pleasure Way?
« Reply #3 on: November 22, 2016, 07:05:45 PM »
Howdy, it seems like we're looking for a similar thing.  I've come to a the same conclusion.  I like the life span of the Mercedes diesels and the finishing on these models above the others...so far.  But, a lot of the features I am looking for: solar panels, large house batteries, bug screens, etc...are only available on the 2015+ models.  :(

I haven't seen any PW models, but I'm heading to a dealer, tomorrow, to see some.  But I am also looking at the Roadtrek E-Trek...but that doesn't seem to have a propane tank, which I think would be handy and I prefer to cook on. 

Oh Well...it is a learning process...I think I am going to go to New Zealand for the winter, and wait for the prices to come down...lol!  And, It's cheaper than making the wrong decision at these prices.  ;)

Good luck on your search and let me know if you find anything interesting at the trade show...