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Author Topic: Year 3 with the 5th Wheel  (Read 1417 times)


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Year 3 with the 5th Wheel
« on: January 05, 2016, 05:54:48 AM »
I cant believe I have owned the 5th wheel for almost 3 years now. I would love to say I have enjoyed every minute of of but that simply would not be the truth.  I can honestly say that I have loved all but a few days of my 5ver

At this point I have towed it over 100k miles. I have been across the country in it twice and hit many many wonderful places and some not so great.

I have been a part times and a full timer and am now getting ready to be a workamper. of all the things I have ever owned its safe to say that this has had a bigger influence on my life than anything,

The worst thing that has happened was when a big truck threw a tire chain on donner pass. It was one of the heaviest snowfalls I have ever seen and I did not know that I lost a tire on the camper, It would not have mattered much because there was no way I could pull over, just shy of 10 grand in damage and a RV repair company that started but never came back to finish the work. I did the repairs myself and in the process learned why I had been having tire issues. Pro Tip Check the shocks, turns out that mine were work out. I also added a Tire Pressure Monitor to the camper and truck. Well worth the money.

Strangest thing,

I had a pet possum and didn't know it. I had been parked in texas for a while and kept hearing something but could never figure out what it was. I moved to new mexico and set up, had the same noise. two week later I moved to Missouri same noise. Then off to utah. you guessed it same noise.  Now I travel with the wonder dog and she would stare at one of the lower storage cabinets every now and again and sometimes make a low growl and I would look but never find anything. Well one night I heard something moving around and thought the wonder dog was up and around. then I realized she was right in bed nect to me looking at me like , Hey there is something in the living room. go look. So armed with a shaving mug I opened the door to the main part of the camper in time to see a tail disappear into the cabinet. I opened it and found what had to be the best fed possum in the US, not to mention the best traveled.  I got it out of the camper and the next day found  it had nested in the the dead space behind the cabinet. I found how it was getting in and out and fixed that.  I never saw any trace of the possum again but the wonder dog and I were a little jumpy every time we heard a noise for a month or so.

Best Campground,

There have been many that were wonderful but there is one that that was hands down the winner, KOA old town Sacramento.  It was a great park with a wonderful snack bar that would deliver to the camper, well kept but the thing that makes it stand out is this, I limped in there with the damage from donner pass.  The owner let me do major repairs, let me use the shop and even helped out.  He was invaluable in pointing me to a local RV scrap yard that was able to order every part I needed. Had it not been for him my camper would have been totaled.

I am glad I bought it, I cant imagine not having it,


Damon challenger 5th wheel.  Travel for work

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Re: Year 3 with the 5th Wheel
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2016, 09:56:03 AM »
Love the possum story. We had one living in our house in South Florida, coming out at night to eat the cat's food. Wondered why the cat was eating so much and not gaining weight!  Finally trapped it one night and then located and closed up the access hole.
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Re: Year 3 with the 5th Wheel
« Reply #2 on: January 05, 2016, 10:38:20 AM »
Great stories! Thanks for sharing.
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