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Author Topic: Seat belt safety on a 4WD trail  (Read 997 times)


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Seat belt safety on a 4WD trail
« on: January 23, 2016, 03:05:06 PM »


Here is a friendly suggestion for those of you who have "super-duper" Jeeps and go on the more difficult 4WD trail drives.

After you read this take a look at the CG-LOCK website.  It's at www.cg-lock.com        Also see attached photo

I have used CG-LOCKS for almost 2-years as a safety feature.  Basically what they do is hold you tightly in your seat in an accident and especially if your vehicle rolls over.  I read explanations of two accidents where the vehicles rolled over more than once and the conclusion was that during short time the vehicle was upside down the driver or passenger's body weight allowed the lap belt portion of the overall seat belt to extend and the person was ejected from the car.

When I connect a regular seat belt I pull the seat belt tongue away from me to lengthen the lengthen the lap belt part of the seat belt and then push the tongue into the snap-fitting on the side of the seat.  Then a slight pull on the part of the seat belt that goes across your chest tightens the lap portion of the belt against your stomach/hips but as you already know the seat belt can move back and forth through the tongue allowing the seat belt portion to loosen.  CGLOCK keeps the across you lap portion of the belt firm against you.

What CGLOCK does is stop that back and forth movement through the tongue so the "lap portion" of the seat belt stays firm against your hips/stomach keeping you in your seat even if you were upside down or rolling over several times or in a violent accident..  Your benefit is both you and your passenger probably will NOT bang your head on the inside roof, break your neck, or get thrown out of the vehicle.

By the way with CGLOCKS all you do is push the lever on the left side of the attached photo to allow the seat belt to slide back and forth when you first adjust the tightness of the lap belt portion across your stomach/hips before driving.  Once you release the lever the seat belt is locked at the tightness you chose.

Installation is easy because the CGLOCK slides on to your seat belt tongue.  NO disconnecting or cutting of the seat belt itself.


JerryF  ;D  ;D


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Re: Seat belt safety on a 4WD trail
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2016, 05:35:44 PM »
I have a CGlock that I use in my sports car for track days.  It is better than the stock lap and shoulder belt alone for sure but no substitute for a 5-point harness. 
1998 Fleetwood Flair 25'