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Author Topic: 2003 RV Freight Liner: Suspension Air Bags Would Not Re-Inflate  (Read 704 times)


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Hello, my 2003 Forest River Tsunami (38') RV Freight Liner with 8.9L Cummins, suspension Air Bags Would Not Re-Inflate after being stored for 2-days in my driveway.   Air Pressure on the gauge was 130psi + and I could not hear any leaks, nor was there any indication that a line may have fallen off.

As  drove the RV away, the ride was horrific!   So, after about 1-block, I turned around and came home to see what the deal was. Sure enough, the suspension was bottomed out and the bags were not inflated.   Keep in mind that I had pulled a 20k pound race car trailer for about 300 miles, without flaw,  before parking the RV in my driveway 2-days ago. (Trailer Not Connected).

I tried everything, jacks up, jacks down, jacks up.....finally I shut off ALL of the power to the RV and waited about 20-seconds to power back up,  and finally the suspension aired up & drove fine.

Anybody have ANY idea what would cause this problem, and why it would occur out of he blue?  This is my 1st RV and although owning an engine remanufacturing facility and being a master automotive tech....I am totally stumped.

I have used this forum to resolve several small issues, and would appreciated any help.


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Re: 2003 RV Freight Liner: Suspension Air Bags Would Not Re-Inflate
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Rokket, first you need to get with FL and have them email you a schematic for your chassis air system. You don't say which jack mfr you have so I'll guess its HWH (they are comparable) and ask you to look at your jack controls. It will usually have a manual dump valve for the air suspension or it will have a button for storing jacks on the pad that looks like a rabbit etc. These are to re-inflate your suspension and depending on which type you have they sometimes stick. Let us know which you have.
Assuming you have full air psi you don't have to lower/raise your jacks but you do have to go through the motions of pushing the buttons until it starts working again. Depending on your system, this inversion valve is usually located in the cross over support by your front axle and air tanks. When the valve shifts and it starts working you will know right away as one of the air gauges (usually the gauge marked front) will start loosing air as it fills the air bags.
Your air system has quite a few small air valves like this that will stick occasionally and cause a small headache, it will not be the first. If it continues and is a problem then it needs to be replaced but you have to determine why it is sticking. It could be the air dryer needs service and is not able to filter/dry the air any longer. Pull your lanyards to drain the tanks and look at the ground for any oily nasty spots where the air was draining.
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