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Author Topic: Alaska: Legislature decides not to go ahead with RV overnighting ban on Walmarts  (Read 4852 times)


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  • Vall and Mo, a married couple getting ready for FT

We ourselves are still a long way off from being able to do that trip, but I think this is good news for everyone:


   Vall & Mo


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There is still nothing to prevent cities and counties from enacting bylaws.
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It wasn't the Alaska Legislature. It was a councilwoman on the Anchorage City Council that showed the draft version of the proposed ordinance to the council.

“Based on the outcry, and the comments from the community as a whole, I am not going forward with this,” Gray-Jackson said. “As far as I’m concerned, it’s done.”
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This is hilarious to me. lol I can't stop laughing. Classic example of a governmental institution that needs to be done away with.........

If all there is for local officials to think, discuss & ponder about in Anchorage is this; obviously Anchorage doesn't need any kind of government at all.........

ain't sayin; I'm just sayin...........INTJohn 


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There is still nothing to prevent cities and counties from enacting bylaws.

Wallmart's are in cities, so it is to the cities to decide or not concerning the overnight parking, nothing tot do with the County or the State.
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I think the draft Anchorage city draft ordinance was ridiculous.  :o
That being said, I think those that travel from the Lower 48 to Alaska (one of the most beautiful states with mountains, oceans, wildlife, hiking, fishing, walking & riding trails, etc...) only to camp in Wal-Mart parking lot for days or weeks on end is even more ridiculous. :) ;) :D ;D :-*
I'm sure this wasn't aimed at the stop and shop, maybe spend 1 night RVer....
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Well, if they are in Anchorage, they aren't viewing the scenery & wildlife anyway. A city is a city, even in AK!  Most likely RVers are there to take a short break from their recreation and catch up on the benefits of civilization with a variety of shopping, restaurants, repair services,

Anchorage has both a Walmart & a Sam's (the Sam's is quieter and less crowded). There are also Fred Myers stores in Anchorage and throughout Alaska and they too welcome RVers for short stays.
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Wallmart's are in cities, so it is to the cities to decide or not concerning the overnight parking, nothing tot do with the County or the State.

I have to respond to this because its not entirely correct:
Not all Walmart's in the USA lie within city jurisdictions. Some of them lie within County jurisdictions and thus County and/or Township government rules apply.........
.......and at least here in the USA  County & City & Township governmemts are all subject to their respective State governmemt & its particular State Constitution.

So to write that County or State has 'nothing to do with it' simply is not correct because indirectly at minimum the State has EVERYTHING to do with it. At least here in USA - even the Federal Constitution and Federal government can be completely disbanded if the correct number of State Legislations vote to do so.
That's why the USA stands for United STATES!!!! of America.

 I see you're from Quebec, Canada so I'm sure things are different there.  But, I don't know.


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I have found that often I do not save anything other than a bit of time by parking in a Wal*mart.. however sometimes that can be a lot of time (insert story about a closed freeway due to 2 fatal accidents, an exit coming up which I took, a wal mart, a good relaxing night's sleep, and a clear road in the AM v/s hours in a traffic jam). (Man is THAT the short form).

But the ban does hurt Wal*mart,, Why,  well custom is to give them some "Custom" (Business) as a "Thank you".

(I bought a coffee maker cause mine was toast and had breakfast ad a tenant's eatery).

No, I'm not a fan lf Wal*mart.. but Still.. I'm not a fan of laws that cost them custom either.

There are those, however, who insist on making life hard for "The Little Guy"..  We need to identify them and give them our thanks (A vote for the other candidate).
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