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Author Topic: 1998 jayco eagle 8 roof rot  (Read 741 times)


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1998 jayco eagle 8 roof rot
« on: October 19, 2016, 01:20:29 PM »
So the wife and I have been wanting to purchase a popup for years to go camping, and we finally decided to purchase one that needed a little work and could try it out for a few years before we purchased new.  Unfortunately we did not realize that the roof had major rot. 

I need to somehow repair/replace the roof but do not know where to begin.  I am assuming I will need to take down all the ceiling paneling and somehow remove by scraping/sanding the existing rot and then glue new plywood in place.  I also need to seal the top and replace the weather stripping around the bottom lib of the roof where it seals with the body when it lowers.  Any guidance/pictures/video is greatly appreciated.

I redid all the electrical and the all lighting and outlets work now.  I also fixed all the counter tops.  The canvas is also in good shape.  I discovered the rot because as I was replacing the cable that ran through the tracks attached to ceiling I noticed all the staples were rusted and just pulled out of ceiling.  I have a feeling the whole roof will need to be repaired.

I definitely got in over my head, as I did not know what to look for.  Lesson learned, but I would still like to try and fix if possible.  I debated on trying to just seal everything up and deal with the rot for the next few years, but I worry about mold and the like.