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Author Topic: Can Anyone Explain Charge Controller I Need in Language I Understand?  (Read 1409 times)


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I'm upgrading my solar system.  Adding a 3rd 50W panel to my existing 2 50W panels.
My inverter is ok for now and what I want to do is upgrade the charge controller and add
a second AGM battery.

This is the old analog controller that is currently in my rig :::

This is the ASC controller I have which works great but not sure about the rating
and if I should upgrade to I guess a 24V to work with a 24V system :::

And the back of the unit specs :::

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John Hilley

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It looks like that is only good for 4 amps at 12 volts DC. It would be at it's max with two 50 watt panels, so a new PWM controller would be necessary. Why do you mention 24 volts? Do you have a bus conversion with a 24 volt system or were you looking at the panel output voltage?

You should get at least a 20 amp charge controller. It is hard to find one with an integral meter like the one you have.
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Kevin Means

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Agree with John. An inexpensive PWM controller would work well with 150 watts of output. Just a thought, but a single Grape 160 watt panel would clean up your RV's roof quite a bit... and give you a bit more power.

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Hi Guys, thanks so much for the help..  on the 24 volt quandary, I am looking to add another 12V AGM batt so was just thinking ahead. Forget about that for now..
Actually, I do have a situation and have 30 days to get back on the road.  Not the ideal situation I know but those is the cards I drew..

So the old 12/4 ASC is out and that's fine..  The SES is merely in the rig and wired up.  So it's an "existing" controller and is old.  (would it work just to get me going???)

If you had my rig and knew you may very well rework the entire system at a later date, what would you do? 
Seems to me I just don't have the correct controller to roll out of here so I'll have to do something...

That being said, I realize that it would be smart to get the correct controller now, for the system I'd like to build in a couple of months
so at least I don't have to mess with that component..  I just don't have the funds to get the Morningstar controller I like right now..
I guess I'll look around.. 


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Wow those Grape Panels are looking good..  160W Mono for 229.00 is a great deal..
I'm pretty sure I'll be shopping for a couple of those real soon..  thanks for the info...


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I have low budget components in my solar system and it performs flawlessly. This controller came out right after I bought mine, and it's specs are mighty impressive for the price. So much so, I'm considering buying one and getting rid of my current one, but it's a total waste of money because my current one charges my batteries just fine. This controller would just satisfy the geek in me.

It's the Renogy Viewstar and would monitor your charging amps, voltage, etc, is a 4 stage controller and is fully user adjustable. It is also a negative ground controller, which is hard to find in the less expensive controllers.  If I was looking for a controller, this is without a doubt what I would get. I've run plenty of Renogy products in the past and they have always performed as advertised.


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Aben.. thanks for the response..  BTW..  your link is dead...  I'll do another search..


Ok found it on Amz  https://www.amazon.com/RENOGY%C2%AE-ViewStar-Negative-grounded-Controller/dp/B00LH5ZAXO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1466124798&sr=8-1&keywords=Renogy+Viewstar
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