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Author Topic: New Camper - PDI in 2 weeks  (Read 1716 times)


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New Camper - PDI in 2 weeks
« on: February 28, 2007, 06:51:40 PM »
Well the time has finally come for our new Rockwood 8318ss to be welcomed into the family, just wish the weather here in Ohio would cooperate. Over the past several months I have spent hours daydreaming about this day while I have been navigating this forum and trying to educate myself on RVing. After viewing the Library checklists I believe that I have all of the basic necessities that I need for our first time out. I am sure that I will come up with other items that I will need to stow away for future adventures. I am thankful for all the advice that I have received directly and indirectly from this forum, without RV forum I would have been a little hesitant about heading down the highway with my wife and three girls.

Ok - I have read the PDI checklist from  the Library but I have a question about what I should do if there is a problem with the camper that I do not feel comfortable with.  Lets say that I can see some light from around the seal from the slide out unit when it is either extended or retracted. I am asking this question because I just went to look at my camper and with the slide outs in I can see some light coming in from around the seal. Is this common?  If this is a problem what position due I take?

They also wanted to know if I wanted to purchase an extended 7 year warranty plan for $1,625, fully refundable if not used.  Is this necessary? Or is it just an insurance policy? What type of factory warranty do I have on this camper? I have seen that I have a 12 yr. on the roof and a 1 yr. bumper to bumper, but I was wondering about the appliances are they covered for a longer period of time  by the manufacturer of the camper or the manufacturer of the appliance?

Thanks again!