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Author Topic: "Tick" Protocols: Being Outdoorsy and Living in Close Quarters With Your Dog(s)  (Read 709 times)


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Hello, all...thanks for your time and consideration.  :)

As we progress from "completely new and blissfully ignorant" to "getting experienced enough to know how much we DON'T know yet", the issue of "ticks" has come up, and I'd appreciate your insights. 

The "tick" issue really seems to vary from location to location.  Some folks are casual about them...see them as a nuisance...pick them off...and don't think much more about it.  In the Northeast where we live (PA), we're at the epicenter of the Lyme disease outbreak...ticks are everywhere, a very high percentage of them carry Lyme, and the mere sight of a tick sets off an "everyone stop what you're doing and let's handle this" type of situation because of the way we've seen pets and people devastated by the disease. 

Our dogs wear Seresto collars...never seen a tick attach & stay while those collars are in use, but it doesn't mean that they won't stick around for a while before deciding to jump off. 

We do the "pants in boots"/light clothing/Permethrin/body check routine as well. 

I'm wondering what other precautions/procedures that folks take in order to keep ticks out of their RVs:

-any experience with the topical pet sprays (as to dissuade ticks from even temporarily hitching a ride before the Seresto collar dissuades them)? 

-does anyone go so far as to set up one of the Stansport "pop up privacy shelters" to change outside and keep their hiking gear outside the RV for fear of dragging in ticks from outside? 

-lyme testing kits for on-the-road determination of whether or not a bite was "dangerous" or not? 


Thanks for your input! 


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I can not answer your question, but allow me a pre emptive strike to those who do not believe in Lyme Disease.

The threat of Lyme Disease is very real, not only in the north east, but in every US state accessible by RV.
I was tick bit in 1987, but did not get sick until 1992.  6 different doctors were unable to help me.  By the end of the year, my DW was making mental funeral arrangements.  I contracted the disease in western Kentucky at LBL.  The local medical community will claim that is impossible.  I know better!!

Lyme Disease can be a life altering event if it is not diagnosed and treated quickly.

Take precautions, Please!!
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We have 3 dogs - we give them each a NexGard tablet each month.  This kills both fleas and ticks.  The ticks come in with them, but have ingested the poison by then.  Some have lived long enough to climb on us but were too sick to bite us.  Have found ticks on us, but not been bitten.
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