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Author Topic: DISH Reeiever Deativate During Storage  (Read 596 times)


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DISH Reeiever Deativate During Storage
« on: October 07, 2016, 01:23:36 PM »
I use Dish for both my home and my MH.  Same programming account just 2 different receivers.  I leased a second device in March this year just prior to us going on a 6 month tour of this great country.  this second receiver was for the MH and worked great.  Now we are back for the winter and I plan on storing the MH for the next 5 months.  I called DISH to basically suspend the service to the second receiver so that I was not having to pay the fees for that receiver while in storage and not being used.  Basically I asked them to deactivate the receiver and then when I am ready to go back out again I will follow their standard procedures (as I did in March this year) to activate the receiver, at which time I would continue to pay the additional receiver.

anyway, I was told be DISH that they could deactivate the receiver and that I needed to return the receiver within 30 days of deactivation otherwise I would be charged for the receiver.  I tried as best I could to explain my intent and that I believe the proposed solution I gave them is cheaper for both parties. as expected it fell on deaf ears and they stood by their statement that I had to return it within 30 days of deactivation. I understand the device is leased. (I built a cabinet enclosure to house all the electronics in the MH and this is in that. I can remove it but, it will take some work.)

So I did not deactivate it and have it stored with the MH and will continue to pay for the Months that it is stored. Not a big dollar amount, but I would have thought DISH would have understood this and had an ability to accommodate RVers. Most the satellites I have seen in the park are DISH.

Anyway, my question is has anyone else run into this problem and had any luck getting this resolved. I suspect that most have pulled the receiver from the RV and used it in the home and then moved it back when they travel.


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Re: DISH Reeiever Deativate During Storage
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2016, 02:39:37 PM »
First of all, RVers are probably a very small market sector for both Dish and DirecTV.  From the data I could find online, Dish has roughly 13-14 million subscribers and I suspect that RV owners are a small percentage of those.

As for the hardware and your request to suspend use of it for a few months, think about it from the perspective of a company leasing you a piece of hardware that costs a couple of hundred dollars.  They agreed to lease it for a price of $5-7/month but if you don't want to use it and pay that fee why shouldn't they have the right to take it back from you and lease it to someone else?  If it sits in your RV unused it is not generating revenue.  I realize that the monthly fee is small, but multiply it by all the households that have leased hardware and it becomes a pretty decent revenue stream.  So why should they cut you a deal that's different from anyone else's?
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Re: DISH Reeiever Deativate During Storage
« Reply #2 on: October 07, 2016, 03:13:13 PM »
I agree with docj.....

Years ago I was a salesman for an equipment rental company.

I could never beat it into the customer's head that just because you choose to not use the equipment, does not relieve you from paying the daily (weekly,monthly or annual) rate.

Or a customer rents 3 cement mixers, only uses one and then screams "but I only used one"....

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Re: DISH Reeiever Deativate During Storage
« Reply #3 on: October 07, 2016, 09:16:44 PM »
Dish does have a monthly service that can be suspended as you wish to do but I think it takes a separate account and certain specific purchased receivers. You are likely using a second 'rented' receiver on your household account.
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