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Author Topic: Filling the holes from a old dashboard camera and getting a suction cup to stick  (Read 580 times)


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When I was purchasing my rig the old dash board mounted reversing camera did not work.

I asked the dealer to replace it and they mounted a new wireless one on the old ones screen, this was a bit unsightly and the new camera bounced around a bit.

Today I got around to removing the old camera and I am left with 4 screw hole and a 1/2 diameter hole for the cables.  My Garmin GPS friction mount covers the holes which is fine for me but if I ever sell the rig I need something that looks better.

The replacement wireless camera monitor uses a suction cup mount, I have stuck this to the vertical dash 
but long term I know it will fall down.

I would like to fill the holes and mount a piece of perspex (or something suction cups wil stick too) and then attach the suction cups for the camera, TPMS and gps on this.

Anyone do anything similar?


P.s. the dash is some kind of moulded plastic.

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Ignore this post, I just figured out I can put a suction cup holder on it :-)