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Newcomers' Corner / Re: Introduction, New RV Pickup & Bringing it home.
« Last post by Mark-M on Today at 05:17:48 PM »

I'm responding a bit late here but thanks to all for your input.  I didn't think temps of 27 for a night would really hurt anything but I did disconnect the fresh water hose at night thinking that was the most vulnerable.  I think I just needed your reassurance that it'd be ok.  Interesting... the 4 days we were away, it snowed some every day.

The trip back home was a good one.  1st night we stayed at the dealer and checked all the systems out.  Found a few things but nothing major other than I have a 15amp breaker that will trip after a bit when the water heater is turned to electric or the elec fireplace is on (not at the same time).  Gotta figure our what's going on there.  Then spent two nights in a campground in Woodland PA and just relaxed and played with our new toy.

Couple of days after our return home, the grandkids came over for a birthday party and the three spent the entire time in the RV claiming it as their own.  When the 7 year old was asked what RV stood for she said... rolling vacation.  That'd be our intention!

Tech Talk / Re: Electrical confusion
« Last post by John From Detroit on Today at 05:16:29 PM »
Ground fault problems can be a pain in the you know what.. One common culprit is teh converter. Some will trip when batteries hungry, others when full. others.. Who knows. Some never trip it.

Fridge, water heater and the ever popular "other" are on the list as well.

One person had GFCI issues. found a pair of junction boxes under his slide out (Common, mine has that too) Full of water NOT COMMON, in fact NOT supposed to happen) Dried em out and problem gone (Sealed 'em up too)
Boondocking / Re: Boondocking battery charge. Am I nuts, or...?
« Last post by Frank B on Today at 05:15:13 PM »
Try something new - turn off the furnace!!! In over 20 years of RVing in pickup camper, fifth-wheel, Class A, and now Class C, we have NEVER felt the need to have the furnace on at night. This includes 2 trips to Alaska, late enough in the season that as we were going north up the Alcan, everybody in the world was headed south.


Or just keep it turned way down.

We keep ours set to about 60 degrees overnight when we are heading south from Alberta to warmer climes in December and January. We have extra blankets on the bed, and even at home prefer it when it is cool in the bedroom at night. We both sleep better that way.  If the outside temperature is around -15 C, you sure don't want to turn it off overnight. That is just too cold for comfort. You also risk having the plumbing freeze up.

Remember, of course, that you're still going to have to heat the unit up the next day. That too is going to take some power.

Motorhomes / Re: Front Jacks not fully coming down
« Last post by John From Detroit on Today at 05:14:34 PM »
I agree they SHOULD come down. but .. With automatics might not.
Newcomers' Corner / Re: Help...Im so Confused
« Last post by Patnsuzanne on Today at 05:06:23 PM »
For someone traveling alone, a small class a or class c (and pulling a small, economical car) as John suggested may be the better choice. Not only for the fuel economy, but for the ease of getting into some tighter campsites as well. Without a spotter, backing a truck/trailer combination can be a tricky proposition if you have to turn so sharp as to loose sight of the off rear corner of the trailer.  Not all campgrounds have pull-through sites. We actually prefer the back-ins because our living area is in the rear of our trailer so when we are backed in, many times the view out the windows is a little nicer than the access road we just came in on, and the rigs parked on the other side.
Boondocking / Re: Boondocking in a TT
« Last post by Frank B on Today at 05:01:09 PM »
How do you know whereyou can boondock?  I mean are there designated areas just for campers wanting to boondock?  Im interested in saving some money on an upcoming trip to grand canyon.

If you have an Android device, another useful tool to finding free or low-cost public campgrounds is the UC Public CG application. We have found a number of amazing free and low-cost public sites, including a free site in Grand Canyon, and another free site in Bryce Canyon. Those are not areas where free and camping ordinarily go together. 😊

I'm not affiliated in any way with the authors of this product. I just find it an extremely useful tool.

Motorhomes / Re: HWH leveling problems
« Last post by SoGATraveler on Today at 04:57:04 PM »
 I have the hwh computerized leveling system, and as for as what lights came on , it was the red indicator light beside the stow button that would illuminate, but the straight-acting jacks would do nothing. After allowing the unit to sit for a while you could turn the ignition on and turn the system on and hit the stow button and everything would operate normal.
Destinations, RV Parks, Routes / Re: FLorida Keys Questions
« Last post by DearMissMermaid on Today at 04:49:05 PM »
Thanks for all the useful info!

We may do Key West by day, we have small 6 pound dog traveling with us, so we have to factor in him too as we will be in van camper as our car. But we have generator and AC for him.

Mostly we try to go places where he can go too.

We hope to do some bicycle touring, but he rides on my bike as he loves that too.  8)
the stories from the boat rentals were pretty entertaining too. But between the profits and the insurance coverage, enough people made enough money to warrant the rental hassles.

My favorite boat one is the folks that went ashore drinking while their rented sailboat crashed on a reef.

The company came to tow the boat to the yard for repairs and gave the family a ride back to the base. Incredulously they asked for a replacement boat to finish their vacation!

Of course the company said they couldn't do that until they finished settling up and paying for the first one they damaged and um  no, the company didn't wish to rent to them again.

They rented hotel rooms at the marina and sat at the pool bad mouthing the boat company. Too funny!
General Discussion / Re: Would you (or do you) rent your motorhome??
« Last post by kdbgoat on Today at 04:41:41 PM »
To get a good idea of what renters may or may not know about RV's, read through the newcomers board. Nothing wrong with newcomers, we were all new at one time.
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