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Newcomers' Corner / Re: Winterized RV question.
« Last post by RedandSilver on Today at 12:55:04 PM »
Thanks for all the responses.  Another question is what is better then...blowing out pipes with air or winterize with RV anti-freeze?

I posted this before but here is my opinion.

AIR is the way to go.  Anti-freeze they say won't hurt you - remember when they thought SMOKING was OK?
The point is it might take 40 years before the effects show up in large enough numbers to say it's RV related -
are you willing to take that chance?  I'll pass.

Lot's of people think the anti-freeze method is fine and maybe there right - but I doubt that the AIR method will be bad for you
in comparison.

But since you asked - that's my 2 cents worth of advice and what I plan on doing if I need to Winterize.
Trailers & Fifthwheels / Re: Electric PU trucks
« Last post by Phrogman on Today at 12:40:55 PM »
The greatness of Capitalism is the marketplace.  The market will decide unless the central planners start sticking their nose where it does not belong and start mandating usage and using taxation for behavior modification.
General Discussion / Re: Dirty trick - be alert
« Last post by FunSteak on Today at 12:31:05 PM »
I've had a pretty effortless time dumping our tanks, but there are two exceptions, both of which I solved with a simple plastic grocery bag.

First, same as a lot of folks, I get about a cup or less of "water" that weeps past the knife valves and occupies the space behind the cap.  I don't have enough clearance to the ground to install a second knife valve. 

The other issue was a one-time thing (so far).  Driving home with tanks mostly full, we went from fairly cold conditions to fairly hot ones.  When I pulled the cap on the drain line, I was dismayed to find out that the pipe had pressurized a bit, between the valve and cap.  When unsuspectingly pulled the cap, it depressurized rather quickly, and I got a sudden mist of "water" right in the kisser!  NOT fun.

To solve both these issues, I now carry some empty plastic grocery bags.  I put one over the entire cap and pipe end, then loosen the cap through the bag.  This catches any water that has bypassed the valve, and contains any "surprises" that may escape under pressure.  Then the bag goes into a nearby trash can, and all is well. 

I had no idea that the pressurization could happen, but you can bet I won't forget!  :)
General Discussion / Re: Coast to Coast Network (Midwest Outdoors)
« Last post by kdbgoat on Today at 12:24:58 PM »
You may want to consider talking to a membership broker, such as the ones below: (no affiliation)


Trailers & Fifthwheels / Re: Looking for recommendations for a qualityTT
« Last post by kdbgoat on Today at 12:21:47 PM »
Just a follow up to my earlier post.  Got back from Vegas last night.  No issues with the trailer.  Everything worked as advertised.  We are very happy with our decision to buy a Coachmen.  Of course we found some very minor issues and learned some things like needing a shower mat as the shower floor was slippery but overall we could not be happier with our purchase.   Guess we made one rookie mistake.  My wife was reheating some food in the oven as I was taking out the garbage.  I was returning to the trailer I heard a smoke alarm as was thinking "Wow, someone's smoke alarm is going off."  As I got closer to the trailer, I realized it was our trailer.  I opened the door and could see smoke and my wife had a confused look on her face as she was not burning anything.  As the trailer is brand new, I guess the stove needed a "break in burn".  Anyway, no harm - no foul and happy to know that the smoke alarm works.       

Unfortunately, RV's are small, and the smoke detector is mounted too close to the cooking area in many RV's. It may end up an ongoing issue.
Towing and towables / Re: Weight Dynamics
« Last post by jackiemac on Today at 12:21:01 PM »
Looks interesting!

Itís that time again! The South County Hot Air Balloon Festival is just around the corner - July 20, 21 & 22, 2018

Hosted by the Wakefield Rotary Club. The 40th Anniversary of the Balloon Festival!!

Our featured live band on Friday evening will be Room Full of Blues!

Saturday night will feature our outstanding Balloon Glow and tethered rides!

There are many other events going on so check out our website below.

This year all registrations for camping will be made online with a credit card. Follow the link below to our website:
https://southcountyballoonfest.com/   under the visit tab

Or directly to the registration page at:

We look forward to seeing you in July. The RV lot is right off Plains Road adjacent to and within walking distance to the festival.

Russell & Karen Bertrand
Campground Hosts
General Discussion / Re: I don't even know what to say....
« Last post by Corky on Today at 12:14:50 PM »
I wonder if he reversed polarity at the plug to get his brake lights to work?  ::)
General Discussion / Re: Coast to Coast Network (Midwest Outdoors)
« Last post by MN Blue Skies on Today at 12:13:48 PM »
After researching and getting a better understanding of how the membership works we decided to cancel our agreement and keep our eyes open for a resale membership with a Minnesota "home resort."
Winnebago-specific issues / Re: What can I use this for...?
« Last post by John Canfield on Today at 12:12:21 PM »
If the wiring diagrams don't help, call Winnebago Owner Relations.
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