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We have used Passport America enough in 2 years that it has already more than paid for a lifetime membership. If you are not full time, however, even a couple stays at 50% off can pay the annual fee. We do belong to Good Sam but really don’t use it for campground discount, mostly for the fuel discount.

We also get a lot of use from our Escapees membership. You get a really nice discount at their membership parks and 15% to 50% off other CG in their directory (mostly 15%) but since we have added solar we like to boondock and their Days End directory of free (or inexpensive) places to camp has been great. Not to mention the other many benefits they offer.

We looked into Thousand Trails but were not very impressed with their parks or the reviews we read.

If you are old enough (senior or disabled) the Lifetime National Park Pass is great. It can get you discounts on camping (at least the disabled one does and disabled vet qualifies) in National Parks, some Federal recreation areas and Corps of Engineer Parks which are usually pretty great.

General Discussion / Need information on "smartrvguide"
« Last post by LynP on Today at 12:47:35 PM »
Has anyone ever used “smartrvguide.com” for selling and/or buying an RV. I have a Class A that I am selling (not on this site). I have been looking for a Class C on Smartrvguide, they show eight of the models that I want. I have sent information to a number of sites. I wanted to known it they were available. Not anything showing about if sold. I have yet to get one reply. If I could get a phone number would be great. I am only looking for Coachmen 2490, just dead set on this model, can not find very many with low miles anyplace is the US. If I could talk with the seller, I might fly to pick it up.
Trailers & Fifthwheels / Re: So Here I Sit...
« Last post by Molaker on Today at 12:14:58 PM »
Okay, so here's the true version...

Here I sit
   Broken hearted
Paid a nickle to sh*t
   But only fa*ted

You see, you've got to get the rhyming down pat.  And it was only a "nickle" initially...before flatulation...er uh...inflation. ;D
Tech Talk / Re: HWH levelers won't extend
« Last post by Alpena Jeff on Today at 12:08:26 PM »
Yea, me too Kev. You, Marty and others got me on track!
Tech Talk / Eaton Fuller CEMAT Transmission
« Last post by sschuster on Today at 12:01:31 PM »
Hi anybody have one of these in their motorhome? I'm looking for a good source for parts and repairs
In the early '60s I'd usually get "a dollar's worth" which amounted to somewhere near 3 gallons (perhaps more), depending on what state the gas war was in at the time. Prices over the period of a week would go up and down as much as $.10 to $.15 when the "war" was at its peak, then perhaps only a couple of cents variation a few weeks later if the "war" died down for a bit. Of course you'd pay 3-6 cents more at a "major" brand, such as Standard or Shell, than at an "independent" such as Star.

But the jump in 1973 was dramatic. Car gas had been in the $.30-$.35 range while avgas was a tad over $.50, but during the gas "shortage" in '73 gas jumped to over $.50, and avgas soon went up even more.
Tech Talk / Re: HWH levelers won't extend
« Last post by Kevin Means on Today at 11:39:09 AM »
Great Jeff! Glad you got it working, and thanks for the update.

Motorhomes / Re: HWH leveling problems
« Last post by SoGATraveler on Today at 11:27:41 AM »
The jacks will not try to retract, i can hear the relay energize, but the solenoids are not energizing, releasing the pressure from the jacks. As i stated before, i can wait about eight to ten minutes and turn the system back on and hit the stow button and everything operates like it is supposed to. I have no problem with the jacks stowing when the system energizes.
We like to use KOA for long distance trips as the stop overs.  You can reserve online and arrive late.  You get a membership discount that pays itself back.  We focus more on our destination campgrounds for appeal and consider the KOA for utility and convenience.  There are KOAs I would go specifically to though.  There are a lot on par with other commercial campgrounds.  There are shabby ones as well.
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