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Motorhomes / Re: Side camera delete
« Last post by GnS on Today at 07:09:43 AM »

Would you then consider wiring a momentary double throw switch or a couple of buttons that would let you select the side cameras independent of the turn signals?

You won’t be looking for the a bouncing signal. That happens in the turn signal output The signal being used to activate the turn signal from the lever on steering column will be a solid 12volt signal. In the good old days, this signal fed a special type of relay that utilized a bi-metal switch contact that would open and close with the heat from the current load of the bulbs. That was how you knew when a bulb was out, because your signal would stay on constant (not enough current draw to make the switch heat op and go open circuit momentarily). These days, turn signal modules are all solid state, but they are still triggered by a solid 12v signal from the steering column selector.

Thanks, another one to watch.  We will be heading there in September. 

Our trip to Yellowstone last year was almost ruined by fires.  Fortunately the weather turned just as we got to Wyoming.
Motorhomes / Re: '99 HR Imperial or '00 Monaco Diplomat Not sure, help!
« Last post by kdbgoat on Today at 06:59:47 AM »
Something to consider when looking at motorhomes with a Roadmaster chassis. Check to see if it has an RR4R. They have an issue with the trailing arms cracking. If I remember correctly, the years affected were 2002-2004.
General Discussion / Re: Camping World consignment- anyone used it?
« Last post by kdbgoat on Today at 06:53:06 AM »
Have you listed it in the for sale section here?
Welcome Bill!

it sounds like the house batts are dead as well.  When you say A/C I am assuming you mean the house A/C and not the dash A/C?  Your batts probably won't run that anyways and unless you have a 50 amp hookup, I wouldn't recommend turning them on until the genset is running since they will draw too much current for a 15 amp house outlet.

It helps to think of the chassis and the house as two separate entities. 

Everything you describe with the exception of the backup camera sounds like house batts.  I would suggest putting the backup camera on hold until you diagnose the rest.  Also on any used RV there is always the fun game of deciphering what was done to it before you took ownership of it.

Do you have a multimeter or a battery charger?  I assume so or else you wouldn't have been able to get the chassis batts running again.

Locate the house bats, safely charge them and get the genset running.  Then you can do some diagnostics and see what is working and not working.

If you have plans to visit Yosemite in the next month you should cancel them. There is a large fire due west of the park called the Ferguson Fire. It is more than 20,000 acres and less than 20% contained. The fire is not close enough to Yosemite to threaten it but the smoke will make touring Yosemite a real bummer. The visibility in the park is greatly reduced. If you were planning on going you could change to Kings Canyon, which is really the same as Yosemite, just one valley south.

The Shade Tree / Re: Canopy Project (boat or picnic table)
« Last post by _Rusty_ on Today at 06:19:17 AM »
 :)) Nice Job!
General Discussion / Re: A/C tripping breaker
« Last post by _Rusty_ on Today at 06:15:35 AM »
Here's a quick lesson.

Thanks!  I don't believe we have had anything this small here to have ever come across one.  Overall a PSC motor looks like the thing to use in an AC unit.
The Shade Tree / Re: How much soda/pop is too much
« Last post by kdbgoat on Today at 05:58:03 AM »
I think this will probably start an argument, but it's not intended to that. One major ingredient in sodas is high fructose corn syrup. The industry says it's the same as sugar, but it's been proven that HFCS does not digest like sugar and can cause high trigylcerides. Either way one looks at it, anything in excess is not good for you. All things in moderation. If sodas are an addiction, it's best to just stay away from them. I haven't hardly drank any sodas in a few years now, and can't hardly stand the them. Every once in a while I will take a sip of my wife's, and it tastes nasty. The only other time I drink a soda is about twice a year, I will drink an ice cold Dr. Pepper from a can.
Towing and towables / Demco Excali-Bar II 10,500 LB Tow Bar
« Last post by Murphcrud on Today at 05:39:21 AM »

Hi Guys,

After all info posted about Tow Bars and my initial comments about deciding to go with a BX7365, I just happened to look at Amazon.ca (Canada) for a price of the Blue Ox (C$935.40).  At the same time, I visited the Amazon.ca site, I stumbled across the Demco Excali-Bar II Tow Bar.  It was the last one in stock and had a sale price on it at C$600.48 with free shipping !!!!   Did I buy it?  You bet I did.  Yes, it is NEW not USED.  I went into the Amazon website to check my order to see if it was there.  It is and shipping tomorrow.  I then looked up this same restocked item (10 in stock), and see the non sale price is now C$1063.45, free shipping to Canada.  For my American Friends, the exchange rate today is approximately US$0.75 equals C$1.00 (close estimate)
The  C$600 equates to approximately US$450.  The new stock is approximately US$800.
Any comments on this Demco bar?  The reviews looked pretty good. 
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