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Newcomers' Corner / Re: Possibly an odd question
« Last post by glen54737 on Today at 01:44:53 AM »
I've been to some parks that said not to use chemicals in their sewer system I assume they had a septic.
General Discussion / Re: Trailer Roll Over
« Last post by glen54737 on Today at 01:25:15 AM »
Wow Glen, did the trailer flip?
It laid over on its side in the ditch. the refer was still cold the next day when i got out what i could.
Trailers & Fifthwheels / Re: Tanks on 30' travel trailer
« Last post by glen54737 on Today at 01:04:50 AM »
I have the same setup. I bought the Y- connector at Walmart also i bought 2 of the shortest hoses they have to connect it to both gray tank outlets.
Trailers & Fifthwheels / Re: Tanks on 30' travel trailer
« Last post by Arch Hoagland on Today at 01:00:35 AM »
Don't worry about cross contamination, it's all bad.

I guarantee the next RV you buy will have only one sewer connection. That will be the first thing you look at.

And mine is I'll never have a sewer connection under a slideout again. Had that on the second trailer I bought and hated it.   
The Shade Tree / Re: Helpfull hints on land purchase
« Last post by durangod on Today at 12:41:46 AM »
If it is a written rule, EXPECT some A****** with nothing better to do than annoy people to try to enforce it one day

Yeah your probably right, i guess maybe i got used to things around here where there are a kazillion written rules that we have to sign but they enforce none of them.

So any kind of association is out then right?
Remodeling your RV / Re: Help with water damage on fifth wheel
« Last post by durangod on Today at 12:39:44 AM »
Is that included in your pics, if not please show a sample pic...

Also you know you dont have to do a new post for every pic, under where you add pics there is a button to add additional pics to the same post :)
General Discussion / Re: Second time out
« Last post by grashley on Today at 12:26:35 AM »
I drained the HWH to get rid of stale possible algae water.  I THOUGHT I had a half full fresh water tank.  I was wrong.
Scout Motto :  Be Prepared.  Maybe this is why I never made Eagle  :-[  My son did, as did my grandfather in 1927.
I was just wondering if anyone had received any mail from Madison post office as yet. We haven't, and I know that there is a bunch of end of the month stuff that should be there. 
General Discussion / Re: Question about Eternabond
« Last post by Jim Godward on August 14, 2018, 11:57:16 PM »
OK, the easy answer is YES to both.  In some areas I removed the old in others I cleaned it and covered it with the EternaBond.  Where I removed the old, it was easier to make sure the EternaBond was well adhered.  In the other areas where the old was still there, I had to make sure there was a good margin between the edge of the old and the new edge.  The recommendation as I recall was for at least 1/2" of the EternaBond beyond the old.  That is why in a few cases I did additional removal in order to get that margin.
Today we received the first two pieces of mail forwarded from Madison to Sioux Falls. So at least that part of the solution is working.
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