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The Shade Tree / Re: Turned In The Keys today
« Last post by Kim (skyking4ar2) Bertram on Today at 09:15:20 pm »
Congratulations, Lou!

We'll be out in Las Vegas/Death Valley in November, so if you are in Pahrump, we'll buy you a celebratory whatever!

Exciting news!

Motorhomes / Re: burned/shorted Throttle Wiring DIY
« Last post by 8Muddypaws on Today at 09:14:51 pm »
Seems like any auto parts store would be able to find that for you.  The 454 is a pretty popular engine.  Shops that sell performance parts (Jegs, Summit Racing etc. ) should have them.  A single search led me to a $22 repair kit in less than 10 seconds but it didn't seem to have the electrical parts.

Switching to a carb might work but if you live in a state that does smog checks it might be a big problem later.
Did you shut the breaker all the way off then back on again?
Do you have power at the outlet where the fridge is plugged in? Check it with another device like a light or a fan.
We plugged in camper for a trip we have tomorrow. The camper breaker tripped. Now refrigerator now getting cold. Its just beeping. When switched over to run off propane it works. Are we doing something wrong??? (we are newbies)
The Shade Tree / Re: Turned In The Keys today
« Last post by Tom and Margi on Today at 09:00:43 pm »
Lou, Lou, Lou.  :-*   Did they really ... finally ... let you retire ... for good?  I'll believe it in about a year if they don't, once again, consider you irreplaceable, and call you back.  We're rooting for you!  Stick with it, and enjoy.  You've certainly earned it. 
The Shade Tree / Re: Turned In The Keys today
« Last post by Raylc on Today at 08:57:50 pm »
Congrats Lou you will enjoy. We retired at the end of 2016 and are having a blast.
The Shade Tree / Re: Turned In The Keys today
« Last post by Tom on Today at 08:51:57 pm »
Congratulations (again) Lou. Hope this one is for real  ;D
The Shade Tree / Turned In The Keys today
« Last post by Lou Schneider on Today at 08:50:11 pm »
No, I didn't hang up the keys, in fact the RV keys are coming off the wall now.

What I did was turn in the work keys ... as of today I'm officially retired!

My plans are set in Jello - first get the trailer I've been living in from Van Nuys to my lot in the Pahrump Escapee co-op.   Probably won't start on that until after the July 4 holiday.

Then in late July I'll spend a week with my Mom in Indio while my sister, her niece and their family go on a week long Hawaii cruise.

After that, I'll meander over towards Colorado for the Ouray rally.  Probably ride the Durango and Chama steam trains along the way.

Enough planning for now ... I'm tuckered out!

Newcomers' Corner / Re: Advice for our first ever RV road trip
« Last post by JudyJB on Today at 08:34:38 pm »
Based on my last trip to the UP with my son and grandkids, I strongly recommend a fly swatter and one of those electronic bug swatters.  We had horrible mosquitoes in late June, and I even pulled out a couple of those mosquito net things you put over your entire head for my California grandkids who had never been swarmed before!  Fogger for outdoors might also be a good idea.
Newcomers' Corner / Re: Common Maintenance Items
« Last post by JudyJB on Today at 08:29:24 pm »
You might want to add water to your house batteries, or at least check the water level, assuming they are not the sealed kind.

Also, I had the cover of my roof AC removed for the first time last summer by the service guy and he cleaned a lot of dust and road dirt out of the coils and stuff. 
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