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Newcomers' Corner / Re: very Personal question
« Last post by SeilerBird on Today at 05:58:20 AM »
I paid cash for mine. Financing an RV is really a stupid idea in my book. My current fifth wheel cost only $4200. My last class A cost $6200 and the one before that cost $2600. No need to go deeply in debt at my age. I have read too many horror stories of people going deep into debt on an RV and then ending up upside down and unable to travel anymore due to some reason. So they end up with $700 a month payments and the RV sits in their yard since they can't sell it. RVs depreciate like a rock.
Newcomers' Corner / Re: very Personal question
« Last post by malexander on Today at 04:46:26 AM »
With no debt....save, and pay cash.
I am going to change out our new single pedestal faucet to another single pedestal Delta one.
 I have changed out many faucets with the standard base plate, but never a single one and am wondering how the pedestal connects to the sink ?
 If any one has done this could you walk me through the procedure.
 I don't need to know about the tube connections, just the pedestal to sink clamp or whatever they call it

Jack L
Sounds good. I would go straight to the canyon.
X2 but a stop in Williams would be good. It's a nice little town to stretch your legs and grab a coffee or buy aanother  Route 66 T Shirt 😁
Make sure you check if tent camping is permitted. We have been to RV parks where tents were not allowed. These were mostly private, so the State Parks etc are probably ok, but I just wanted to mention it.
Destinations, RV Parks, Routes / Re: If not Florida, where?
« Last post by jackiemac on Today at 03:41:03 AM »
We visited Borrego Springs in the off season, the lady at The Springs rv park told us they were always full in snowbirds season, it's a nice place but think it's pricey and you need to book early.
The Shade Tree / Re: Facebook - your personal information is not safe
« Last post by jackiemac on Today at 03:37:00 AM »
I like Facebook as way to keep in touch with people.  I have joined several groups from which I can glean information on places to see in the US, birds and plants etc. which interest me.  I set up my own private group to post my holiday photos and restrict views to close friends.  There are other ways to restrict what certain friends can see, you can make them acquaintances etc. Although don't have them as friends if you need to do this. I never add people I don't know.

I am constantly surprised at the things people post or questions they reply to, for example

Your first car
Your favourite movie
Your mother's maiden name
Your first pet

Do these sound familiar?  Financial security questions. Despite me notifying folks of this, they go right on answering them. Sigh.

Some share posts without checking the information or validity which sometimes makes me mad and this is when I want to be a keyboard warrior but usually refrain from doing so. This is when I tend to think about closing my account. I tend to just not use it for a while when tbis happens.

It does eat up your time though so when back in US I have decided I will only log on in the evening once we have  settled down for the night.

I never answer the quizzes or play games and I seem to have been lucky and had little if any spam.
Destinations, RV Parks, Routes / Re: If not Florida, where?
« Last post by Lou Schneider on Today at 03:10:34 AM »
I'm afraid that "cold, snow and less people" pretty much describes where we live now-- half mile to the nearest neighbor and such. Fairly certain I couldn't talk my better half into visiting a similar environment in the winter.  ;D

However a visit in a more moderate season is definitely on our wish list.

In that case, you may enjoy a occasional boondocking excursion in the Arizona desert.  Instead of staying at a park for the whole winter, take a few days or a week or two to wander out in the desert and enjoy the peace and quiet all by yourselves.
Newcomers' Corner / very Personal question
« Last post by Mysteryriders on Today at 01:42:10 AM »
Have any of you finished a bK chapter 13 completely, and tried to purchase a motorhome? How did you do it? Bank, credit union? Was there consequences.  Which I don't think there should be as I have never been late in 5 years of my paying back my debt.  It was a difficult decision to begin with, but all in a five year plan to retire , buy a motorhome and travel the US.  I guess you can call it a business decision. We haven't tried yet, but I would like to know if there is anyone out there that has been in our position and may have some purchasing advice or to let me know were you able to buy an Rv right away?   I don't want to go onto why we had to do this in the first place, it is way too long a story... we are upstandable people and retired teachers with a pension and no debt..9
General Discussion / Re: MH passengers while RV in motion?
« Last post by Alaskansnowbirds on Today at 12:52:06 AM »
 :)) :)) what Scott said.

You will get opinions from both extremes. There are people that won't even start the engine until everyone is strapped in. No one is allowed to move until the MH is stopped and the transmission is in park.

On the other end are people that get up and move around when ever they want to.

As Scott said, like in an airplane, if you're seated keep your belt on.

If you need to get up then you have to take all the hazards into consideration. If you're in heavy traffic then maybe it isn't a good idea to move around.

If you're on the interstate, the road is flat and straight and you can't see another vehicle within a quarter mile. Then maybe you're not taking much of a risk to move around.

It's a personal decision that only you can make. Only you can decide what you're comfortable with.

Enjoy your travels.
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