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Newcomers' Corner / Re: Winter remote battery
« Last post by Kevin Means on Today at 10:30:08 AM »
Itís best for the batteries if theyíre kept fully charged while the RV isnít being used. Sulfation, the biggest battery killer of all, sets in as the battery discharges, and batteries will slowly self-discharge on their own, even when theyíre not connected to anything. If sulfation is allowed to set in, it becomes irreversible, and the battery wonít be able to take a full charge. Our coach is plugged in and charging whenever itís not in use.

Like others have said, itís important to not overcharge the batteries, which is why a good three-stage charger is a good investment, if you donít already have one. When properly set up, itíll do a good job of keeping your batteries topped off without overcharging them.

Does the fire department have the electricity shut off before they start hosing a house down ?

We use to pull the meter ASAP. Any other times, we just entered the structure and when water hit outlets, it would trip the circuit breakers. Usually it was just the contents burning and not necessarily wiring because that was in the walls. But before opening any walls or ceilings, the meter would have to be pulled or the power company would disconnect power at the pole.
General Discussion / Re: Arizona water
« Last post by garyb1st on Today at 10:16:49 AM »
We are California based and have never done anything other than use a typical in line hose filter for the past 8 years.  No problems with the water.  For drinking water, we use a Brita Filter and just filter the tap water.  Tastes as good as any water you purchased at the store. 
General Discussion / Re: Mystery electrical problem
« Last post by Kevin Means on Today at 10:12:18 AM »
Was gonna suggest the same thing. Anyway, Iím sorry it turned out to be the inverter and not just a loose wire or connection, but Iím glad you got it figured out Scott.

The Shade Tree / Free Suburban water heater parts.
« Last post by Rene T on Today at 10:10:03 AM »
My neighbor here at the CG had to replace his water heater because of a tank water leak. It's a Suburban Model SW6DE. I took the old one and removed anything that was salvageable. I have the circuit board, high limit temperature switches/thermostats with cover, 110 volt AC rocker switch, gas valve with piping, igniter with electrical cable and the entire wiring harness.  If anyone is interested in all these parts. I'll ship all of them to you. Just reimburse me the shipping costs after you receive the package. You can E-Mail me or PM me if you're interested.
I couldn't save the heating element or the pressure valve. The guy who removed the old heater must have drained the tank without shutting of the 110 volt power and blew the heating element. They're available at Home Depot and fairly cheap. I tried to remove the temp/pressure valve but the outlet collapsed.
General Discussion / Re: Travel Trailer in below freezing conditions
« Last post by Larry N. on Today at 10:07:39 AM »
You might consider putting rv anti freeze into the fresh water tank to help protect it and the lines.
That basically makes the water system winterized, thus unusable until cleaned up, if you use pure antifreeze, and if you don't then you certainly won't get much protection in the fresh water tank if that tank has a lot of water in it (and the taste would be horrible, too). And if the rig has the "4 season" package then the water lines should be heated too, or at least enclosed in a somewhat heated area. So if they're actually using the rig, there'd be no need to winterize.

So since the OP "will top off the fresh water tank from my fathers hose then disconnect it" that antifreeze would be counterproductive.
After struggling with heavy traffic for an hour and a half  >:( looking for a gas station we could get into, I'm wishing I could change my Workhorse 8.1 to a Cummins diesel. 
Newcomers' Corner / Re: Heating questions?
« Last post by Heli_av8tor on Today at 10:04:05 AM »
The furnace blower draws a significant amount of power from your house battery. You'll likely get a day or two, but not a week without needing a recharge.

I have the same system (but with two furnaces) and the Shed function works very well. You may want to find and read the manual on it to better understand what all it's doing.

Tech Talk / Home from the hospital
« Last post by wackymac on Today at 10:01:48 AM »
The motorhome that is.  It spent a month at Florida PowerTrain in Tampa.  I told them there was no hurry.  Had the DANA 80 rear axle rebuilt.  New ring, pinion, pinion bearings, carrier bearings and pinion seal.  Has been making noise for several years and many miles.  I changed the rear axle oil and found metal chips in the oil.  One carrier bearing's rollers were full of pits.  111215 miles.  Not too bad a price; $1297.72 total.  I was expecting around $3000.00. Nice and quiet now.
General Discussion / Re: Bill Waugh-Vietnam series on HD
« Last post by NY_Dutch on Today at 09:59:04 AM »
I tried to watch, but it brought back too many memories and nightmares. My eternal thanks to Bill and all the other Huey jocks for saving my bacon more than once though!
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