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The Shade Tree / Re: Let's Go Dodgers !!!
« Last post by SeilerBird on Today at 04:40:40 AM »
Tom, Tony said it was $950 for a ticket not a grand. You can go now and with the extra $50.00 in your pocket, you can buy a hot dog and maybe even a soda.    ;D
Obviously you have not bought any tickets lately. They will add several fees to the $950 and it will end up well over a grand. But since the Yankees got eliminated the price of the tickets have dropped. You can see the Dodgers and the Astros at Dodger Stadium for $858. And you can see them in Houston for $686, standing room only.
Newcomers' Corner / Re: Process When Buying from Private Party
« Last post by muskoka guy on Today at 04:27:42 AM »
Not sure how it works in the USA, but here in Ontario we can search the title at the dmv. You want to make sure there are no liens against the mh before handing over any cash. If there is a lien against it, it must be paid off to the lien holder, before they release the title. Otherwise, if the seller doesnt pay off the lien, the bank or lien holder  can come and retrieve THEIR asset and leave you having to sue the seller to get your money back. Luckily as stated, we can just go to our motor vehicle office and get a sellers kit, which states any liens registered against the vehicle.
The Shade Tree / Re: Let's Go Dodgers !!!
« Last post by Rene T on Today at 04:20:21 AM »
That is insanity to pay a grand to sit at a game.

Tom, Tony said it was $950 for a ticket not a grand. You can go now and with the extra $50.00 in your pocket, you can buy a hot dog and maybe even a soda.    ;D
Motorhomes / Re: Slides out before jacks down?
« Last post by muskoka guy on Today at 04:02:09 AM »
I use my one slide regularly without the jacks down, as long as I am on fairly level ground. I am of the school of no jacks down at walmarts ect. Slides I will put out if I can get a spot along a grassed area or island, but usually dont.
Winnebago-specific issues / Re: Inverter comm loss when master off
« Last post by SCVJeff on Today at 02:01:36 AM »
That would probably be easier to install and get to!  Seems odd that I would have to do that though.  Oh well, the new land of inverters that I'm not used to.
i have this one installed on the wall of the bed pedestal. I moved everything connoted to the house batteries under the bad in a utility area that's closed off. Everything connects here: Solar, house breakers, Magnum, etc., then through the 300A battery switch, then out to the batteries. Way cleaner install, no crap all over all the cabling, no clutter, and only two 4/0 cables on the batteries.

Can't help you on that remote, I'll have to look at the manual but somehow it knows that the power has disappeared .
Winnebago-specific issues / Re: Inverter comm loss when master off
« Last post by Kevin Means on Today at 01:24:06 AM »
That is good news. With your charging system and AGMs, you can leave it plugged in for months without fear of overcharging. And you don't have to lug those things out from between the frame rails!

The Shade Tree / Re: Let's Go Dodgers !!!
« Last post by TonyDtorch on Today at 12:08:28 AM »
Dang it..I wanted to see the Yankees play the Dodgers.
The Shade Tree / Re: Camping World Claim
« Last post by aguablanco on October 21, 2017, 11:44:05 PM »
There were many very important people like Charles Lindbergh and Henry Ford as well as Hollywood that protested our involvement in WW2 .  they ended up being wrong.

 seconding guessing who was right or wrong may depend on if we won, or lost the war.

 I remember being heckled in uniform during Vietnam....so I guess I am the wrong one.

I also believe that both of those men were found to have had strong pro-nazi leanings. In case it matters, which it probably doesn't,  I said I was vilified for not supporting the government during VN, it had nothing to do with you personally, or the military in general. BTW I also served in the US Navy during VN, just not in theater. It is possible to discuss issues without personal attacks, or misconstruing statements. No one who serves this country honorably is wrong, however, that doesn't mean those in power weren't wrong or worse. To challenge another's patriotism is simply wrong without proper justification and I take offense at those among us who choose to do so. The military is there to protect and defend those who can't do so for themselves, not for self aggrandizement or thanks.
Winnebago-specific issues / Re: Furnace not working
« Last post by QZ on October 21, 2017, 11:33:53 PM »
After reading the thermostat link again I go back to the control box led that should be on. It says that if it's not lit there is a 12 volt problem. As owners of the RV we have to learn the systems but the tech could be going around in circles and burning money on parts if he doesn't understand it.  You need a tech who knows the therm and be able to walk you through it. Maybe the service center has someone who can go over the thermostat with you.

General Discussion / Re: vibration
« Last post by BIG JOE on October 21, 2017, 11:31:30 PM »
Took off the section of driveshaft with the support bearing that had some play in it. The bearing is fine but the rubber part of it has collapsed some on the bottom side. Universals are very good.  Will continue Monday. Thanks All

Another .03 ? If you don't know if the U-joints have ever been replaced, and the Carrier Bearing rubber (dampener/seal) has collapsed (not good).. at 21 years old (if OEM). And with the work you've done thus far.. A New set of U-joints, and Carrier Bearing.. along with Cleaning and Re-greasing (marine grade) the Slip Shaft assembly (new seal too).. Might Be The Way To Go ? For Safety.. and Piece of Mind ??  ;) :)

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