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Newcomers' Corner / Re: My electricity bill!!!
« Last post by Sun2Retire on Today at 10:03:57 AM »
Yeah, Tom, but your rig is in really nice shade and that helps tremendously.

Yup. Try sitting in full sun with 106. I know you run your fan 24/7, but here the compressor is running non-stop by 9am and doesn't start cycling until 6-7pm. I've been making it on the front air only but have had to start running the rear air as it approaches 110. I have a remote thermometer in the basement for winter use to keep an eye on freezing temps (certainly not an issue now!) and it's hitting mid-high 90s. My poor freezer is struggling. I'm a very early riser and as soon as I get up I open up the basement to let the heat out.

I did switch my fridge to elec. In this heat on gas the burner runs 24/7 and, contrary to comments about the flame being the size of a pilot light, it's actually the size of a small torch on medium and quite goes through the propane.
Newcomers' Corner / Re: Buying a generator
« Last post by garyb1st on Today at 10:03:36 AM »
Our first RV was a Keystone Outback.  Probably similar to yours at least as far as the AC and appliances go.  We purchased a Honda 2000 and used it on a regular basis to power most everything except the AC.  Don't know if the new Honda 2200 will power the AC and if it does, it that may be the way to go.  But why would it cost $2,000+.  The Honda 3000 is about $2,000.  Our 2000i was about $1,100 and that was for the Camouflage color, which adds another $100.  If I had to do it today, I'd look at one of the low cost, $500 +/- Inverter units sold at Costco and many other stores. 

Depending on your tow vehicle, I'd consider a larger unit that would power your AC as well as other appliances.  The Honda EU3000is for example.  Only problem is weight.  It weighs 144 lbs.  If you have a pickup with room in the bed, you may be able to mount the Geny in the bed of the truck. 
Based upon my experiences with Michelins I'm not going to buy them at any price.  Switched to Sumitomo over a year ago.
Several replies have been posted to your other (identical) topic here. So I've locked this one to keep all replies in one place.
Newcomers' Corner / Re: My electricity bill!!!
« Last post by SeilerBird on Today at 09:54:56 AM »
Yeah, Tom, but your rig is in really nice shade and that helps tremendously.
But my last class A was not in the shade, it was and still is in full sunshine (my nephew owns it a block from here) and his bill is less than mine.
I forgot to mention.  Jo-Ann 's often has sales on foam and fabric-40-50% off.  You can also sign up for coupons.  I don't know what will be in the 4th of July sale but definitely worth waiting to buy during a sale.  Don't be afraid to ask them questions,hopefully they will have someone working that is helpful.  Look for the older ladies,lol.

Happy to answer any questions you have.
Tech Talk / Re: Water Pump Troubles
« Last post by chuckflstc on Today at 09:44:31 AM »
Hi Rene.

Yes I agree. (somewhat)
However something has changed as It is now annoying, when it never seemed to before. Which leads me to believe the cycles were longer than they are now.

it cycles every second continuously.
I'd rather have it stay on while in use.

I do have a video of it.
PCs, Communications, Electronics / Re: I want my old .wps Word back
« Last post by 8Muddypaws on Today at 09:43:47 AM »
I've been able to get away with all sorts of things regarding licensing and authentication until the last year or so.  Try you luck!
Tech Talk / Re: Water Pump Troubles
« Last post by Rene T on Today at 09:37:08 AM »
That's the way it's suppose to work. As soon as you start drawing water from a faucet, the pressure drops in the system and the internal pressure switch inside the pump tells it so start. When it get's up to a preset pressure, it tells it to stop.
One thing, is it possible you have a lot of air trapped in the system? This will cause the pump to run longer because it has to compress the air before the pressure rises to the preset pressure.
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