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General Discussion / Re: A Battery question ?
« Last post by Old Blevins on Today at 05:38:43 PM »

 If it wasn't for the fact that according to my manual it is necessary to have it to operate the power awning, I would get rid of it completely, but I need it for that.

Does anybody understand why, on a 2016 TT,  the battery is "necessary to operate the power awning"?  Why wouldn't the converter do that, even if the battery were stone, cold, dead?  Because, if it will, Jack doesn't have a problem here...
Hmm, this dilemma sounds similar to an issue I had months back with my modern car. Tell'em what you're driving and no one wants to sell you tires. Show them the vehicle and they change their tune.

PS: If that isn't the case, we're both in a bad boat considering my RV is similar to your's make & age.
General Discussion / Re: A Battery question ?
« Last post by Arch Hoagland on Today at 05:33:10 PM »
I've got a 12 volt car battery I pulled out of my Lexus about 3 years ago. It sits outside my garage and I will occasionally use it when I need 12 volts or to trouble shoot one of my kids cars to determine if their battery is bad.

So far it has held a pretty full charge just sitting there so I suspect yours will too.  Make sure you top off the water anf fully charge it before removing it from service. 

It's an Ever Start Maxx  from Walmart.  I have it sitting on a piece of 2X12 just because 60 years ago they said put them on wood. Today's batteries can probably sit on concrete with no problem. 
Yes, the converter is now on and humming since my husband replaced the fuses. He detached the trickle charger so we will see what happens. Fingers crossed!

Thank you all for your help on this, we seriously would be so lost without you!!!

Good job taking all that information and making it work for you.  Truly, not everyone can do that.  And welcome to the wonderful world of RVs.
Motorhomes / Re: Super Class C Chassis preferences?
« Last post by kdbgoat on Today at 05:22:25 PM »
His bad reports about Ford may have come from when they were using the 6.0 and 6.4 engines. The newer 6.7 is a whole different animal. That's assuming that is what Ford put in them.
Motorhomes / Re: Buckled sides
« Last post by Mile High on Today at 05:20:59 PM »
You can see how badly it is buckled under the window, to the point you can't seal that window.  You may get some years out of it, but you'll have the same problem selling it.  There is no discount I would take to by something like that.
I am looking for those same wheels but in 16" size. Did you ever have any luck in your search? The post is a year old but, if anything, I am hopeful!!
Motorhomes / Towing a Mitsubishi Mirage 2015 thru 2017 yrs
« Last post by CP on Today at 04:58:05 PM »
Hi all,
Does anyone know if you can flat tow a front wheel drive Mitsubishi Mirage with automatic or manual transmission? I have researched with no definitive findings. So I thought I would ask on the forum.  Thank you in advance for your help.
General Discussion / Re: Update on my Blown Engine
« Last post by John From Detroit on Today at 04:54:35 PM »
A side effect of this job... The Engine we lifted into the Motor home is a 2004,, It's been sitting for many years in a crate with monthly maintenance by the Mechanic.. but it has not actually been operated in all that time... Well, As noted above once we got it to test level we fired it up. it coughed on the second try, fired on the third (not unexpected) with valve clatter.. And a strange sound which we had to track down.. By the time we got that done (Just a few minutes) even the valve clatter was gone.

The mechanic was so impressed he went out and bought a new pickup.. What' the big chevy PU 2500? Bigger?  With an 8.1 and an Allison 5 Speed.. He also got a 2-car hauler trailer and is now hauling cars from Auction to his lot for repair and resale 2 at a time.
Trailers & Fifthwheels / Re: Need for Loading Ramps with a Toy Hauler
« Last post by HyperCamp on Today at 04:49:59 PM »
I was thinking in terms of the ramp angle being too steep, high center Harleys.
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