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General Discussion / Re: Gas or Diesel?
« Last post by Madcow on Today at 08:10:32 PM »
There are a lot of variables to consider, and different folks will have different likes and dislikes as well as situational needs.

I like using a 2500 Chevy, because it offers not only significantly more payload than a 1500, everything about it is beefed up.  Frame, brakes, suspension, etc.  And real capability is more than just the engine and trans.  it is a package deal.  But I also like having a flex fuel gasser in it.  I don't do Pike's Peak, Vail Pass, whatever.  Most of my running around is below 5000 ft elevation.  So the gasser does fine.  And being able to use E85 really is icing on the cake.

With E85 at about $1.70 in my area now, and given that the pickup averages about 11 mpg on it (I know that sounds bad doesn't it?), still a diesel version of the same pickup would have to average for all miles (city, rural, Highway, etc) over 22 mpg just to break even on the cost per mile in fuel alone.  Very few 3/4 and 1  tons with a diesel will average 22 mpg for all miles.  Sure, they will bust that on highway miles alone, but on highway only miles, I can pull off 14 mpg with E85.  For a diesel to break even on fuel cost it would have to get 28 mpg highway.  I have yet to see a 3/4 ton diesel get 28 mpg highway except down hill.

But that works well for my needs.  There is a place for diesel in certain circumstances.
General Discussion / Re: Toad question?
« Last post by grashley on Today at 08:10:13 PM »
One trick I learned here...  For the toad, get a key cut at the local hardware store, but DO NOT program the key.  Now it will physically unlock doors and the steering column, but is totally useless to a thief to start the car.  No need to remove the key from the toad every time you stop.
Trailers & Fifthwheels / Re: Electric PU trucks
« Last post by Phrogman on Today at 08:07:27 PM »
Boy, I bet you and I could have some great discussions around a campfire!

Concur.  Just popped the cap of another Stella. 
General Discussion / Re: LED Lights
« Last post by grashley on Today at 08:05:01 PM »
It is not reinstalled yet, but I had about 3 ft of 2835 LED strip lights left over from another project. I gutted the fixture.  I put the LED strip on the reflector of the old fixture.  The folding / origami trick worked very well.  When reinstalled and light off, it will look no different than before.

I use an Apple computer, and Resize Lite is a free, easy to use program to "shrink" my pictures so I can post them here.
Making music on the road / Re: March 7 concert sold out
« Last post by Tom on Today at 07:58:37 PM »
Looks like we'll have 56 performers, including one guest playing bass. We have a "full dress rehearsal" next Tuesday at the concert venue.
General Discussion / Re: Back up and front end cameras
« Last post by grashley on Today at 07:52:39 PM »
Happy is right!

With respect to the backup camera, the wireless operate on radio waves, not WIFI.  They are usually good for 25 - 30 ft and are MUCH easier to install.  Wire it to your running / clearance lights instead of backup lights so it will operate while you drive, not just backing up.

For overhead canopies and similar, FIRST measure the height of your rig.  Get a helper to go on the roof with a level and a tape measure.  Lay the level on the highest point on the camper (A/C?), bring the other end up to level, then measure to the ground.  Add 6 inches for safety, then tape this measurement to the dash or visor.  Canopies at banks, gas stations, drive throughs, etc usually have the clearance marked, and you now know how tall the rig is.

For parking BESIDE awnings or other obstacles, it is back to practice.  Remember if the side of the camper will be under the object, the top will hit the object.  Learn where the side of the rig is on the road.  The top will be directly above it.  It may sound simple, but many drivers (like my wife) do not have a good "feel" of where the right side if the car is with respect to the road or curb or line in the parking lot.
Destinations, RV Parks, Routes / Re: Florida to Louisiana to Texas
« Last post by Isaac-1 on Today at 07:41:25 PM »
As I see it you have 2 options from Florida to Grand Cane, Louisiana (note I live on Hwy 171 about about 100 miles south of Grand Cane)

I-49 in Louisiana is a very good highway, generally the pavement is in good to very good condition, and the traffic is light compared to I-10 or I-20.

As to the rest, the only real logical options are

Option 1, I-10 from Florida to I-12 just inside the Louisiana line, across to meet back up with I-10 again in Baton Rouge, bypassing New Orleans, then I-10 to I-49 in Lafayette and up to Hwy 84 in Mansfield LA, then up Hwy 171 to Grand Cane. 

From that go on up Hwy 171 to Shreveport, take the loop around to I-20 and on towards Dallas.

Option 2,  Take I-10 to Tallahassee, Hwy 27 up to Hwy 84, then Hwy 84 all the way across Alabama, Mississippi and on to Mansfield...  (though cutting through through Alexandria LA and on up I-49 may be faster than the zig zag path Hwy 84 takes through Louisiana)

I have driven much of the route on Hwy 84 in the last couple of years, at least from the Tallahassee area to Natchez, MS, and the part around Mansfield.  For the most part it is a good highway, much of it 4 lane.

As to things to do, what sort of things are you interested in and how much time do you have?

p.s. if you need an RV park to stay at near Grand Cane, we spent the night at a small mom and pop place just off I-49 in Ajax about 30 miles from Grand Cane last spring, nothing great, but they had a small private lake, cheap picnic tables at the sites, and a few sampling trees that may be nice shade trees in 20 years.  http://www.ajaxcountrylivinrv.com/  It made a good stop for overnight, though reviews complain about a nearby sawmill, it was not in operation when we were there, the place was mostly empty on the random Thursday night we were there, maybe 5 or 6 of what appeared to be long term residents, one of which had a truck with no muffler who arrived at about 2 am, and 3 or 4 people that also appeared to be passing through.  If you go through Natchez, consider http://www.riverviewrvpark.com/ just on the Louisiana side of the river, and depending on your dates, you may want to check out the Natchez Spring Pilgrimage http://www.natchezpilgrimage.com/
The Shade Tree / When is certification due for propane tanks.
« Last post by Rene T on Today at 07:39:38 PM »
The CG I'm staying in just posted in their newsletter that the certification expires after 10 years. I believe it was 12 years at one time and was lowered to 10 years then I think it went back up to 12 years. Does anyone have a link which says what it is right now. If it is 12 years, I'd like to show it to them.
Trailers & Fifthwheels / Re: Geo Pro, EPro: service and maintenance
« Last post by grashley on Today at 07:32:39 PM »
For routine maintenance, especially warranty work, many dealers will help you out, but you will be the lowest priority he has. They will get to you when there is no other work to do.  Others will simply say NO!  The dealer you buy from should provide better service.  Locally owned dealers are generally better than large corporate dealers.

When traveling, if major issues come up, dealers are more likely to help.
Motorhomes / Re: Suggestion on Motorhome Security
« Last post by UTTransplant on Today at 07:30:09 PM »
I am not sure what you are afraid of. Someone stealing your stuff? Tagging? Breaking in the RV? I can reassure you that direct attacks on RVs are extraordinarily rare. Stealing stuff left outside is, unfortunately, not as rare. We leave nothing outside except maybe a couple of chairs at a campsite. It keeps two legged and four legged creatures from having anything to get (you have no idea of what a mess a raccoon can make if it finds a cooler!). We also lock the bikes on the carrier with two cables. Same thing with the generator if we have it out. I also know that I have insurance for a reason.
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