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General Discussion / Fire in Fresno Paul Evert's RV
« Last post by Arch Hoagland on Today at 01:09:08 AM »

Pretty serious fire at Paul Evert's RV.
General Discussion / Re: Coast to Coast Network (Midwest Outdoors)
« Last post by glen54737 on Today at 12:55:42 AM »
My parents had one that they bought "used" for a few hundred they said it was ok the parks are usually pretty good but the savings was not all that much after you figure in the annual dues too.
Tech Talk / Water pump acting up
« Last post by skydivemark on February 21, 2018, 11:36:32 PM »
2015 Thor 4winds 31L C-class;
The feash water pump didn't work. I shut off the switch for a bit (a minute or 2),  it worked OK then quit again shortly after. So I shut off the switch for several minutes then it worked OK - at least for a minute or so to flush (didn't want to push my luck). Repeat after 35-45 min or so, worked good to get water for the dogs & then rinse the bowl.
We usually keep the switch turned on when not hooked to shore (including while driving), so I guess my question is; should I leave the water pump "un-powered" when not "needed"? Maybe it overheats or something?
There is only one pump switch - on the control panel -, no additional switch in the bathroom like our previous Jayco (I really liked that feature).
Input appreciated!
Tech Talk / Notes from an Aqua Hot seminar at a Motorhome Rally
« Last post by SargeW on February 21, 2018, 11:09:51 PM »
The Aqua Hot heating system can be a confusing system in your RV if you haven't had one before (like me). The following are notes on the Aqua Hot operation and functions from Mark Davis, Regional Sales Director, Aqua Hot Heating Systems Inc. 

I attended a Tiffin Rally at the Pima County Fair Grounds, in Tuscon, AZ in February 2018. One of the Seminar presenters was Mark Davis. The following tips and facts were provided by Mark at the seminar. 

1) The electrical heating element in the Aqua Hot pulls 13 amps when heating the boiler fluid.  In standby mode the draw drops to 1-2 amps.

2) The Diesel burner may use up to 3-4 gallons of diesel a day, in worst case scenario settings. IE Very cold outside, all heating zones functioning, and all windows open. The use drops from there.
3) The boiler fluid in the holding tank  must be at least 170 to 190 degrees for the Aqua Hot to provide either hot water or heat to the coach.

4) The Aqua Hot output temperature is factory set to 120 degrees. A mixing valve at the back of the tank will inject cold water into the stream to control the temperature of the hot water.

5) The Aqua Hot diesel burner should be run once a month for 5 minutes to keep the check valves clean and  operating normally. Even in the summer months.

6) The boiler fluid used in the Aqua Hot is Propylene Glycol. It is a form of sugar water. This is used in case it were to leak into the water system of the coach, it would be non-toxic.

7) Camco and Century are two companies that make Propylene Glycol for Aqua Hot. Camco is pink, Century is green. They are exactly the same other than the color, and either can be used in the boiler, and  can be mixed. The only important factor is the concentration of Propylene Glycol to Distilled water. The proper concentration is 35% to 40% Propylene Glycol to water.

8) In a low fluid situation with no Propylene Glycol available, pure distilled water may be added to the boiler tank so your system will function until you can obtain the correct fluid. The system will not function without a minimum amount of fluid in the holding tank.
9) The concentration of Propylene Glycol in the boiler should be tested with a Refractometer during the annual service. Adjust as necessary.

10) Shower valves with a higher delivery than 1.5 gallons per minute (GPM) may deliver more water than the Aqua Hot can deliver.
11) The mixing valve knob on the back of the Aqua Hot should be rotated annually during the service to keep the valve clear and functioning properly. Check the position of the knob prior to rotating so it can be returned to the same position when done. You may need a mirror to see the knob and it's position since it is on the back side of the unit.
12) In order for the Aqua Hot to keep your water bay from freezing, the Aqua Hot must be turned on either in the electric mode or diesel mode.  The thermostat in the water bay should be set at least at 40 degrees.
Rallies, Shows, & Events / Re: 2018 Quartzsite Rally - Reply Topic
« Last post by The Coties on February 21, 2018, 11:08:28 PM »
Ok we figured out the pictures and enjoyed reliving the memories.  This was our very first Quartzite experience and we enjoyed every second of it.  We will definitely be returning next year, God willing and the creek donít rise,  to see all your happy faces and warm laughter.  Our jeep trail was super thrilling and unforgettable and we canít wait to do it all again next year. 

Bruce & Deby Cotie
Tech Talk / adding wall mount thermostat stat for carrier air v
« Last post by kylenmandie on February 21, 2018, 10:47:25 PM »
looking to by pass the stupid remote for the carrier air v.  my furnace seems to be "short cycling", I assume to lack of correct information (the actual temp in our rig) get to the thermostat mounted on the roof with a/c.  I've read of people bypassing this and adding a "heat only" walkout thermostat, but can't seem to.lo ate these threads.  any help here guys? if be willing to run all the wires so I can replace the a/c unit at another time since it's motor died just before winter anyway.  thanks
Newcomers' Corner / Re: Power Outage Zaps Our A/C
« Last post by pee.brown on February 21, 2018, 10:40:54 PM »
Thanks all you wonderful guys! I'll give my other half a full report in the morning (he's asleep) :)
Rallies, Shows, & Events / Re: 2018 Quartzsite Rally - Reply Topic
« Last post by The Coties on February 21, 2018, 10:29:06 PM »
Hey Jeff,
      Bruce Cotie here, Deb is looking for the pictures of the 2018 Quartzite Rally and for all the links that we have checked...no pictures.  We are logged into RV Forum website, but no luck.  Are we doing something wrong; we have even chatted with Henry Wishard and we still can not see this yearís pictures.  Please help.
Bruce & Deby Cotie
Winnebago-specific issues / Slideout Lock Drain Line
« Last post by Len2 on February 21, 2018, 10:23:54 PM »
We have a 2013 Itasca Sunstar 35F. We bought it used about 1.5 years ago. I have been looking at the Coach Maintenance Chart and came across a line under Slideout & Leveling System that says Check and inspect electric slideout lock drain line(s).

The slideout mechanisms are Lippert/schwintek. I have looked at the Lippert Slideout book that came with the MH and done an online search for Lippert and schwintek electric slideout lock drain line. I can't find it referenced anywhere. Can anyone tell me what it is and what I check for?

Winnebago-specific issues / Re: Charging batteries
« Last post by SCVJeff on February 21, 2018, 09:25:15 PM »
I CHECK the water only once a year and add if necessary, but I also draw my batteries down to around 63% when in use, so I run a pretty high current charge routine and boiling simply happens. But when done the charger drops to float and then standby (off) until needed. If you're adding water like that you need to watch the charger with a real DVM and see what's going on
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