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Remodeling your RV / Re: Building a sofa
« Last post by msw3113 on Today at 05:09:33 AM »
Yah, as I age, multiple measurements are a must.

You do nice work, you should be proud.

That is some attractive q/s oak!  Do you source it locally?
RVing with pets / Re: Looking for a puppy
« Last post by HueyPilotVN on Today at 02:54:02 AM »

I will do a search and read about them.
RVing with pets / Re: Looking for a puppy
« Last post by xrated on Today at 02:42:18 AM »
We just got a puppy at Christmas time.....and NO, we weren't buying a puppy for a small child, he was for us.  I'm 63 and my wife is 65.  Anyway, back on topic.  We were looking for a dog that would be a wonderful companion dog, smart, didn't shed, small, and absolutely loved being with his "people".  I'm telling you, we spent weeks looking at different breeds on the internet and reading about their traits and their pros and cons and finally came up with one that neither of us had heard of before.....an American Manchester Terrier Toy.  The Manchesters come in two different varieties.....the Standard...which will be approx. 23-24 lb and stand approx. 16-17 inches at the front shoulder, and the Toy....which will grow to approx. 12 lbs and stand 11-12 inches at the front shoulder.  Both of them are Black and Tan coloring and to my knowledge there is no other color variations.  The toy will have naturally erect ears as it grows out of being a puppy, whereas the Standard will have button ears.  That's the only difference between the two varieties ......ears and size.

We got ours when he was 10 weeks old and he is now just over 7 months.  He is incredibly smart and easily trained (just a slight stubborn streak on a few things, but could be because he's still a pup), and talk about a loyal and loving dog that wants to be with his people....OMG.  If either one of us is sitting, he wants to be close and just absolutely loves being with us.  It is getting very warm here and I've yet to see more than a few hairs (shorthair dog BTW) and almost zero shedding.

You can read about them for yourself, but they have a storied history going all the way back into the 1500's in Europe.  They are beautiful dogs, but sometimes not really easy to find one available.  Since they were cross bred with a Whippet back in the 1800's, they are slim and Faasst, with a big chest.  Back then, they were just called "Black and Tans", and have evolved to the current day Standard and Toy American Manchester Terrier.

Holler at me if you would like some more info on them.  I know there are several breeders out in California, as we were doing basically a nationwide search for a male Toy when we were looking for ours.
Motorhomes / Re: Water pump/hot water switch 1994 Bounder
« Last post by Jiggerknot on Today at 01:03:52 AM »
I have the same problem.

Please tell me the solution

I have the same 8 color wires in my 1995 Bounder for water pump and heater switch.
General Discussion / Re: I want a quality Drone
« Last post by HueyPilotVN on Today at 12:54:02 AM »
Thanks.  I appreciate it.

What I am looking for is someone that knows what model is good and where to get it.

I would also like to know if it can be used with a fairly large tablet screen so that I can see the live video better.

I also have been told that some of the newer ones can return to a home GPS location if the signal is lost.

I know that some of the guys here have them.  Maybe they will post what model they like.
General Discussion / Re: I want a quality Drone
« Last post by Brokeass Boater on Today at 12:45:38 AM »
My Daughter started her own Video company a couple years ago. She does a lot of real estate filming, commercials for local business and travels across the county for weddings, she is in high demand for her editing skills. She is on her 3rd drone, they all have been around 1000.00 or so. I'll ask her about what she has now, they are getting better each year as one would suspect.  I'll post it tomorrow afternoon,,,gregg
Trailers & Fifthwheels / Re: Trailer Graphics
« Last post by Pugapooh on Today at 12:35:35 AM »
I've seen some listed on eBay.  I'm not sure if a sign shop could make them up.
General Discussion / Re: I want a quality Drone
« Last post by Arch Hoagland on Today at 12:30:12 AM »
His had a camera on board and he was able to see what the camera sent back to him but I myself don't know anything about the controllers.

He did have extra charged batteries and spare propellers. 
General Discussion / Re: I want a quality Drone
« Last post by HueyPilotVN on Today at 12:16:47 AM »
I would be fine with $1,000 for a good drone and would pay more if the added features justified paying more.

Can you use a tablet as the controller so that you would have a larger screen for viewing ?
General Discussion / Re: I want a quality Drone
« Last post by Arch Hoagland on Today at 12:09:56 AM »
How much do you want to spend?

Here in Clovis CA they teach drone flying in high school. Ran into the instructor one day as he was flying a $1,000 unit in a park next to our house.

They are used in a wide variety of fields and I think if I was a youngster getting out of school I'd look into going into the drone industry. 
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