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Tech Talk / Re: waterpump
« Last post by bugsbunny374 on Today at 08:45:43 PM »
Bench seat does that mean where the couch is or the table that folds down under those  benches
Tech Talk / Re: What coating to buy
« Last post by Murphcrud on Today at 08:41:59 PM »
The big problem with using silicone is that nothing sticks to silicone (even more silicone), so if you later need to touch it up or recaulk you have a huge cleanup job to get rid of the silicone before putting something else on. But if you use one of the Dicor products (or similar) then the caulking can be touched up as needed.

" nothing sticks to silicone (even more silicone), ".  Not true!  Only silicone sticks to silicone Period!!
It does have to be cleaned very well and actually should be removed before replacing.

I have written quite a bit on the caulking and sealant subject that is posted on this forum.  'Touch up' is not a solution, it is only a band aid.
Tech Talk / Re: waterpump
« Last post by bugsbunny374 on Today at 08:40:28 PM »
Sorry all it towable
Tech Talk / Re: What coating to buy
« Last post by Murphcrud on Today at 08:36:17 PM »
The roof looks like it never was replaced so guessing it is the original EPDM roof that comes with Four Winds 2003 27BH.
The question is do I use a silicone base

Do not use a silicone base as silicone is not very abrasive resistant product.  Whether you walk on your roof or not, silicone should not be used for this application, any sort of debris can damage your silicone.  Trees in parks or at home, birds love it, flying grit in the air, any falling object landing on it and rubbing against it all are probable causes of failure.
General Discussion / Re: Portable LITHIUM battery jump starter?
« Last post by jymbee on Today at 08:33:56 PM »
Just be aware that you can't leave them in the cold. It's a hassle but I bring mine in every night during the winter and bring it inside work during the day. Batteries and cold don't mix, especially lithium.

Thanks for that reminder. I'll probably go ahead and buy one of these barring some glaring negative review from someone else here. From all the searching that I've done it seems like a no-brainer.
Newcomers' Corner / Re: Cargo Trailer Conversion Info
« Last post by Jkoht on Today at 08:29:21 PM »
I did all my own work converting a 6x14 aluminum cargo trailer into a camper and never did anything as far as contacting authorities are concerned. I've gone boondocking out in the woods hunting, and to campgrounds and haven't been denied or questioned. Admittedly I didn't do anything about adding a water system, but I did do my own basic 120 and separate DC wiring. In theory I suspect ab electric inspector wouldn't entirely approve of my 120, but all I did was add a switched light and 3 outlets. I'd say it's better to do it an beg forgiveness, than to ask and be denied.
General Discussion / Re: Outdoor storage in town vs countryside
« Last post by Willandgiselarv on Today at 08:28:39 PM »
That 150 a month is normal in Northern ca for outdoor storage, just storage and no power.
Popups, folding/tent trailers / Re: Caulking
« Last post by Murphcrud on Today at 08:26:24 PM »
I recently purchased a used pop-up and it is in need of new caulking on the roof. I believe it was Dicor that was recommended on some of the other discussion posts. My question is, do I need to remove all the old caulking before I put down the new stuff or can I just caulk over it? Also, the corners are starting to pull away when I latch the roof. Probably from the previous owner having them too tight. Should I install screws to hold it down or will the caulk help with that? Thanks for any advice.

Check out my posts on caulking. 
Motorhomes / Re: Carb issue with video...
« Last post by muskoka guy on Today at 08:25:02 PM »
If you are lucky like mine, the generator is shoehorned into a compartment with about an inch above it. Im sure I will have to drop the genny to change the rear plug. They sure dont make these things easy to work on.
Trailers & Fifthwheels / Re: Bummer, we have leaks
« Last post by merlinmurph on Today at 08:23:46 PM »
OK, an update. In short, things are looking good.

Yesterday, Phillip from Keep Camping Mobile RV Repair showed up. I showed him the window on the inside, the area on the outside, and he went up on the roof to take a look. The roof looked good, and while up there, he took a look at all the caulking on the roof and said it looked good.

His suggestion was to just seal the edges of the window frame, plus the speaker and a floodlight that is just off to the right a bit. He trimmed the old, excess butyl stuff that had oozed out when installed, cleaned the area, and applied the sealer around the frame. We had the silicone discussion and he said that for this application, silicone is good, like what Gary explained above. He also took the time to explain his process of applying it.

1. he applies a bead around the frame
2. he sprays soapy water where he applied the caulk
3. he sprays soapy water on his finger
4. he runs his finger around the frame removing the excess caulk and ends up with a smooth layer of caulk

Then, I asked him about the rear panel that had the bulges. He immediately said don't worry about it because it's a floating wall and not attached to anything. He was familiar with the manufacturer and even had a good story. He used to work at a dealer and sent back two trailers because the rear panels had bulges and had to have been delaminated. The trailers got sent right back to him with the explanation that they changed the rear panel to a floating wall. That was a huge relief to me.

End result is that he was there for about an hour working out to $130. He was a great guy to work with, seemed to know his stuff, and I would highly recommend these guys. I learned a few things and have peace of mind.
When we get home, I'll do the same thing to the other windows.

So, thanks everybody for your help. I felt better talking to the repair guy knowing what you told me.

Safe travels,
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