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Motorhomes / Re: Odd electrical issues on older Holiday Rambler
« Last post by cgmartin on Today at 11:45:56 pm »
First, let's try to go back to the event that started it all. Where any of those systems working at one time? Has anything been done to the system? Do you recall anything that precipitated the change? Did everything happen at once? As someone else suggested, take a look at the house batteries. Your best friend is a reliable multi-meter. Once you have determined that your house batteries are fully charged, that they maintain a charge and all connections are proper, you have won half the battle.
Trailers & Fifthwheels / Re: A/C Repair
« Last post by mattsell56 on Today at 11:44:35 pm »
Sorry about that it is a Dometic roof mount.  It is a wall mount thermostat.  The heat lines are not hooked up at this time.  Has fan auto/on/off, and all the normal options.
General Discussion / Re: Camp Ground Etiquette
« Last post by JudyJB on Today at 11:44:30 pm »
I don't know if this was the case or not with the person staring, but one thing is that some RV windows have a slight tint.  Also, depending on if you have any lights on, often it is darker inside than outside, so that it is hard to see someone inside when you are outside during the bright daylight.  Go outside and see if you can see through your rig's windows when someone is standing inside. 

I spend a lot of time sitting in my recliner doing work while looking out the front window of my Class C.  Often, walkers come by during the day and stare inside.  I think sometimes they do not notice that anyone is actually home, and I think they are really just looking at the outside of my rig, as all of us do.  When I think they are really staring at me, I wave at them from my chair. 

A more permanent solution to people staring is to get the black mesh window shades like those from MSD.  You can see out during the day, but people cannot see inside so that gives you some indoor privacy. 
Destinations, RV Parks, Routes / Re: I-70 at Glenwood Springs, CO
« Last post by ArdraF on Today at 11:40:31 pm »
We just left Glenwood Springs early because getting into town from our campground east of town was the pits.  Through traffic on I-70 wasn't all that bad.  I've never seen a construction area where construction workers are placed at various intersections for the purpose of telling people to turn around and what street to use to find their destination!  That's off the freeway in town near Grand Avenue.  We actually saw two of these guys twice and turned around in the same place twice!  It's a little crazy in town.  The other odd thing was the detour signs for a Colorado route that meant nothing to us as visitors.

I wouldn't worry about just driving through, especially at odd times or the weekend.  Glenwood Springs basically has two exits off I-70, east and west.  The eastern one is at the Grand Avenue bridge that's closed and there are long lines of traffic getting on/off at the western exit.  I suspect it's worse at commute time.  This construction is supposed to go into November 2017.

Remodeling your RV / Re: Ugly RV Furniture
« Last post by HueyPilotVN on Today at 11:34:24 pm »
Here is a simple way to set up a computer desk.  It is easily removed.
Trailers & Fifthwheels / Re: New Truck Question
« Last post by 8Muddypaws on Today at 11:27:41 pm »
 Perhaps it's the lawyers and liability issues making them underrate them.
Motorhomes / Re: Cleaning pleated curtains
« Last post by Jim Godward on Today at 11:25:48 pm »
We bought an older motorhome this year and the pleated curtains need cleaned. Has anyone done this and how did you do it?  Thanks!

If you mean the ones like in the Newmar MHs, I cleaned mine with Woolite.  I took the blinds down and used the bathtub in the sticks and bricks house with warm water and Woolite with a little Oxyclean.  I let them soak for about an hour and then shook them while they were in the suds.  I then drained the soapy mixture, refilled with fresh water and swished them around and then drained and reflushed till the water was clear with no sign of suds.

I then got them folded as they would be while driving, held them that way with cable ties and hung them up for a few days till they were dry.  I did this several times over the 10 years and then I bought new ones as the others showed signs of wear.
General Discussion / Re: Camp Ground Etiquette
« Last post by UTTransplant on Today at 11:23:43 pm »
The extraverts who go camping generally search out other people to enjoy the company. Introverts (like me) generally prefer less interaction. The issue comes when extraverts think everyone should enjoy their company, not understanding that introverts just don't need other people as much. I don't know if the OP is an introvert or an extravert, but either way the man staring into the trailer is creepy. Enjoy the type of camping you like to do, and just blow off those who disagree.
General Discussion / Re: Fridge door clips
« Last post by Jim Godward on Today at 11:12:09 pm »

No, I have the ones in my fridge but I just got a new one at Camping World as my wife had thrown out the previous one as they were in "HER" storage and she didn't know what they were.   :(  Cost about $6.00 and came with ones to hold a cooler open too.

Most RV stores and possibly Walmart should have it.

I have the one between the freezer and the refer and then the two doors are held by a bungie to a cupboard door.


I received a E-Mail today from a new member looking for these clips for his Dometic fridge.  Jim Godward, do you still have a couple or does anyone else have any? I know it's been a long time just trying to help out a fellow member.
Trailers & Fifthwheels / Re: New Truck Question
« Last post by Oldgator73 on Today at 10:53:21 pm »
A Ram 2500 along with any 2500 is still limited in its payload (5er pin wieght ) great for a TT but not a 5er

I guess they don't make trucks the way they used to. Back when we were fulltiming, 1998-2004, we had a Dodge 2500 single cab 2wd with 5.9 Cummins, 5 speed standard, DANA 80 rear end. I added a PAC brake, Jake break whatever you want to call it. Payload was rated at 3900#. I had no problem pulling our 36', triple slide, triple axle 5th wheel. When I hooked up the trucks rear end didn't budge an inch. So, are the trucks today not as strong as they used to be? And why do I see so many folks with 4wd trucks (I have one because they did not have a 2wd on the lot).
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