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Title: Satellite wiring
Post by: tsevans on August 16, 2017, 04:32:19 PM
I have three connections on the outside of my rv sat 1 in to living room sat 2 to bedroom and park cable. Can I get the signal to the bedroom from the living room or is that even possible. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Tony
Title: Re: Satellite wiring
Post by: John From Detroit on August 17, 2017, 09:35:52 AM
So many things not included in your original post so I will list options

Option 1: SD video (NTSC) from Single receiver in FRONT to all TV's.. Yes that can be done.
IF you have a wall plate with a switch, a light and a 12 volt outlet
OR if you have a winegard SENSAR PRO  YOu feed the To TV out on the sat receiver (if it has one) to the CABLE port (center or port labeled Cable) and turn the Switch or device OFF to send Sat To all TV's

Alas if the Receiver has only HDMI out you are going to need to buy a mini-television station (HDMI modulator) to do that or you will need to run an additional HDMI cable to the rear.

IF you are running TWO Sat receivers, one front one rear.  Well just use both outputs on a DISH type antenna or you can get a Digital Switch for other types.   Your sat equipment supplier can supply.

But yes, Depending on the receiver and a few other things it can be done.  need more info before we can get specific.

NOTE Best method is to run HDMI cable to the rear from the front.
Title: Re: Satellite wiring
Post by: donn on August 17, 2017, 12:00:31 PM
Actually, best method is use a hopper if Dish or a Genie if Direct plus a wireless slave device.  Saves a lot of work