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Navigating and using the RV Forum message boards
Click any of the following links to find an explanation of various forum features, or answers to frequently asked questions about navigating and using our forum.

Registration and Login

Getting Started

User Preferences

Screen Layout And Format

Posting Messages

Personal (Private) Messages

Note that personal messages are not enabled for everyone in the forum, so you may not have this feature.


Reading And Replying To Messages

Finding Stuff

Live RV Chat

Photos, library and other resources


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Can't post a message

In order to post a new message or reply to an existing message, you must have registered for and activated an account, and have Logged in. This process can be accomplished by first clicking on the Register button in the menu and completing the required information, including your desired User Name and password, agreeing to the conditions, and clicking Register at the bottom of the screen.

You will receive a confirmation email with a link to activate your account. You must click on the link in the email, or your account will not be activated and you will not be able to log in. After you have activated your account using the link in the confirmation email, you will be able to log in using your User Name and password.

Please note that you will not be able to receive your confirmation email if you use a spam blocker or service that does not accept our email. We are unable to respond to the kind of spam blocker that automatically sends us a link to click before you can read our confirmation email. Also, please ensure that your email isn't set with an automated "away" message when you register for an account.

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Forgot my password

If you forget your password and are therefore unable to log into the forum, the login screen gives you an option to request a password reminder. The reminder will be sent to the email address you entered when you originally registered for an account on the forum. It's also the same email address to which the account activation email was sent.

Please note that you will not be able to receive the password reminder email if you use a spam blocker or service that does not accept our email. We are unable to respond to the kind of spam blocker that automatically sends us a link to click before you can read the password reminder email.

There's also an option to reset your password by correctly answering a 'secret question'. However, you must have previously answered the question in your profile to be able to use this feature.

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Log in to or out of this forum

Logging In

If you're newly registered in the forum and have clicked on the link in the registration email, you'll be presented with the login screen:

Simply enter the Username and Password you used to register. The Session Length box means the length of time you'll be logged in before being required to login again. If you share your computer with others and are likely to forget to log out, you might want to to select a short time here. But, if no-one else has access to your computer, you might prefer to select Forever.

Quick Login

If you have been logged out from a previous visit, you can use the Quick Login box located above the menu:

Enter your username and password, select your session length from the drop-down menu and click Login.

Logging Out

When you have finished browsing the forum, or you share a computer with someone else and don't wish them to access the forum using your name and password, you may decide to logout. Click the Logout button in the menu and you will be logged out of the forum.

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Register as a member of this forum

If you've arrived at the forum as a guest and wish to register, click on the Register button in the menu and you will be presented with the Registration Agreement; Scroll to the bottom to click Accept the agreement, and you will be presented with the Registration Screen:

You will need to enter a desired username, password and a valid email address. If you don't wish others to send you emails, don't check the Allow users to email me: box. Continue to complete the form and click Register. You will be sent an email with a link to click on in order to activate your account and log into the forum. Note that the registration process is not complete until you've activated your account and you will not be able to log in until you've done so. Registration is a 1-time requirement.

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How do I cancel/delete my account?

Click Profile in the menu, then Account settings, and select Actions, then Delete this accocunt.

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Get started in the forum.

In order to post a new message or to reply to an existing message on the Forum, you must be Registered and Logged In. This process is free of charge and can be accomplished by first clicking on the Register button in the menu, then log in when you receive your confirmation email.

Until you have had time to become accustomed to the Forum Tools for posting a message, finding a message or configuring your Forum preferences, click on the Help/FAQ button in the menu to see this list of how-to topics.

In short, to post a new message, open one of the Forum Message Boards, and click the New Topic button once you have registered and logged in.

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About The RV Forum.

Click the About button in the menu to learn about the scope and some of the features of The RV Forum.

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Automatically add my signature to my messages.

Automatically adding a signature to your messages is easily done by changing your profile:
  • Click on Profile in the menu.
  • Select Forum profile information from the Modify Profile box.
  • Scroll down to the Signature box and insert your signature.
  • Click Change profile.
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Change my name in the forum

To change your name in the forum (the name that appears in your forum messages), click on Profile in the menu, then click Change profile and select Account Related Settings. Enter the name you wish to use in the box provided, then click Change Profile at the bottom of the page. Please don't use your email address as your name.

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Set or modify my profile and preferences for this forum.

Your profile contains information you wish others to see about you in addition to your preferences for this forum. To edit your profile &/or set your preferences, click Profile in the menu and select Modify Profile.

Account Related Settings:

  • Update your email address.
  • Select options to hide your email address &/or hide your online presence from others.
  • Change your forum login password.
When you're done, click Change Profile to make the changes effective.

Forum Profile Information:

  • Add a picture (avatar), either choosing from one of our standard ones or using one of your own.
  • Enter optional personal details such as birthdate, location, gender and instant messenger contact information.
  • Enter a Signature that will be automatically added to all of your messages.
  • Enter your personal website address.

Look and layout preferences:

  • Set the time format for your messages and adjust your local time. Note that our servers are located in Chicago, IL and you'll need to enter an offset equal to the time difference between U.S. Central time and your current location. e.g. if you're in California, enter -2.
  • Select from a number of options that will affect how the forum is displayed in your web browser.

There's also an option to have the time offset detected automatically by your browser.

Notifications and email:

Select from various options to be notified via email of replies to your messages, new topics and forum announcements.

Personal messaging:

  • Select who you wish to receive personal messages from.
  • Select from options to receive email notification &/or show a popup window when you receive a new personal message.
When you're done, click Change Profile to make the changes effective.

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Show the correct local time in messages.

To change your time zone, click Profile in the menu and select Look and Layout Preferences from the Modify Profile box. Use the Time Offset parameter to correct for your local time. e.g. insert -2 to make your local time 2 hours behind the time currently shown.

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Display an avatar by my forum name.

To display an avatar by your forum name in your forum messages, click Profile in the menu, then Modify profile and select Forum profile. Under Personalized picture, you'll see several options, including selecting from our large gallery of avatars, uploading your own, or no avatar.

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See all the buttons in the menu and/or see all the message boards.

Some buttons on the menu above and some of the message boards are visible only to registered and logged in forum members. So, if you haven't yet registered for an account, click Register. You'll receive an email with a link to activate your account. Once activated, you can log in with your chosen name and password, and you'll be able to see the "missing" items.

If you've tried to post a message on any of our message boards you'll have noticed that this also requires you to be registered and logged in.

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See all the information at the top of the page.

If you can't see the top part of the page that has links to your unread messages, you may have inadvertently collapsed the header of the page. All you need do is click the downward-pointing chevron (triangle-shaped button) in the upper right corner of the page to display the missing part; The chevron will change to an upward-pointing one. Clicking the upward-pointing chevron will again hide the information at the top of the page.

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See the Quick Reply window.

You activate the Quick Reply window by clicking Profile|Look and Layout Preferences and selecting one of the Use Quick reply on topic desplay options. Don't forget to click Change profile

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Hiding or displaying message board categories.

If you're someone who prefers to browse our message boards, starting at the Home (index) page, you'll see that the boards are arranged in various categories, including:
  • Forum news & announcements.
  • RVing message boards.
  • RV-related and other recreational activities.
  • Reviews.
  • Navigating the forum.

If you prefer not to see the message boards in one or more of these categories, you can click the category name to hide all the boards in that category. If you wish to expand the category and see the hidden boards, just click the category name.

Note: Collapsing a category to hide message boards will not exclude messages on those boards when you use the Show unread messages link.

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Hiding Hiding messages from one or more message boards.

To hide/ignore messages on one or more boards, use the Ignore boards options under Modify profile.

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Attach one or more photos to a message.

The procedure for attaching multiple photos to a message is essentially the same as attaching a single photo, but with a few additional steps:
  • After typing your message, but before clicking Post, click Additional Options immediately below the message composition box.
  • Click Browse to search for a photo on your local computer.
  • To attach a second photo, click More attachments and repeat the above step.
  • To attach a third photo, click More attachments and repeat the above two steps.
  • When you've finished attaching photos, click Post to post your message with attachments.

Note: There is a maximum size limit for each photo and a maximum total size for all photos attached to the same message. These limits, which are shown on the attachment screen, are in place primarily to help folks who are on cell phones or other slow connections. If your individual photos are under the limit but the total is over, try attaching some to a second message; Just reply to your own original message and attach the additional photos.

Various tools are available to resize your images, including:

If you're still unsure how to resize your photos for attaching to messages, please ask in the forum and we'll be glad to help you.

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Format the text in my messages.

There are numerous buttons for formatting text, located above the message composition box.

Alternatively, for those who prefer to use html-style tags, this forum uses Bulletin Board Code (or BBCode) that will allow you to do this stuff. Click here for an explanation of the use of BBCode and the use of the BBCode toolbars.

If you use the Firefox browser, you can download the BBCode Extra addon here

One caveat - please remember that, if you get too fancy with your formatting, others may not appreciate your razzle dazzle &/or may not bother to read your message.

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I have a dumb question

We believe there are no dumb questions, only dumb answers. Most of us here had no clue about RVing at some point in time; We learned by asking questions and following the advice of folks who had been there and done that. So, please do not feel embarassed about asking questions. Yours might be the question that someone else wanted to ask, but didn't.

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I have lots of questions

We welcome questions but, rather than post a laundry list of questions in a single message, please limit your messages to one or two related questions each. That way, you can use a relevant subject line for each. Your questions will be more likely to get responses, and it will be easier for folks coming along behind you to follow the discussion. Feel free to post additional messages in new topics with your additional questions.

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Modify a message I've previously posted.

If you make a typo or state something incorrectly and notice it after you've clicked the Post button, you can easily correct it. Click the Modify button in the top right of the message. Make your changes, then click Save below the message to save your changes. However, there's a time limit beyond which you won't be able to edit your message.

A note will be automatically appended to the bottom of your message to indicate when it was last changed (edited).

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Quote text from a message in a reply.

To quote text from a message you're replying to:
  • Copy/paste the text you want into the new message.
  • Highlight that text and click the Insert Quote button (above the smilies).
  • Continue to compose your reply.

  • Click the Quote button instead of the Reply button.
  • Highlight and delete the text you don't want.
  • Continue to compose your reply.

Please do not quote entire messages in your reply; This is unnecessary and can be annoying for readers. All that's typically needed in a quote is a phrase or sentence to put your reply in context; The remainder of the original message should be excluded or edited out of your quote.

It's possible to quote several separate paragraphs, and reply to each one individually. To do that, just follow the instructions above for each individal paragraph and type your reply after each one.

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Spellcheck my messages.

To spellcheck your message, first type your message and then, before clicking Post, click the Spell Check button at the bottom of the message composition screen.

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Start a new topic

To start a new topic, navigate to the board where you wish to post a message and click the New Topic button. Enter a subject and type your message in the main text area. A message missing either a subject or a body will not be accepted for posting until it has both.

You can have your message checked for spelling errors by clicking the Spell Check button.

To preview your message, click the Preview button.

When you're happy with your message, click the Post button.

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Use html-style tags in messages.

This forum uses Bulletin Board Code (or BBCode) instead of html to allow you to format text in your messages. Since the use of BBCode can cause unexpected results, you should preview your formatted message before posting by simply clicking the Preview button.

Instead of having to remember the codes, a series of default ones appear in a toolbar above the smilies in the Message composition window. For the most part, you can highlight the area of text you wish to modify and click the respective icon. e.g. to bold a block of text, just highlight the required text and click the Bold icon.

If you're comfortable typing the tags out longhand, here's an explanation of BBCode used in this forum. However, just remember that BBCode tags are enclosed by square brackets [ ] rather than the familiar chevrons < > used for html tags.

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Where do I post my message?

Choose the most appropriate board to post your message. To see a list of our message boards, click the Home button above. Please do not post the same message on multiple message boards as this will likely result in replies appearing in different discussions; It's preferable to have all the replies appearing in a single discussion. Note that a Moderator may move your message to a more appropriate board, or one where you'll be more likely to get an answer.

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Which file types can I attach to messages?

Although the Attachments feature here was intended to be primarily for attaching photographs to messages, any of the following file formats can be attached:

txt, doc, docx, drw, pdf, PDF, jpg, jpeg, JPG, JPE, movG, mov, gif, GIF, png, PNG, zip, xls, est, saf, anr, an1, wmv, csv, tif, tiff, odt, gpx, bmp

There is a limit on the size of individual files, the number of attachments, and the total (combined) size of attachments to an individual message (these limits are displayed below the attachment window). These limits are somewhat arbitrary, and exist to prevent someone uploading huge files which would eat up server space and bandwidth. They also help ensure that folks on slow connections can access the files. But, if you have a larger file you feel should be shared with other members, please contact the forum administrator privately. Similarly, if you feel there's a need for additional file format(s).

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Where can I post a for-sale or wanted ad?

Private for-sale or wanted ads can be posted on our Private for-sale and wanted items board. Include (attach) photos to help improve your chance of selling. Be sure to include contact information for potential buyers to be able to get hold of you. All ads are automatically locked to prevent undesired comments from being posted as replies. Note that commercial ads are not allowed, and will get the poster banned for spamming our forum.

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How do I change my ad?

If you need to change your private for-sale ad (e.g. if you need to change the price), contact the forum administrator with the desired change. (Click here to contact the Administrator).A large change or complete re-write is best dealt with by posting a new ad and asking the forum administrator to delete the original.

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How do I delete my ad?

Contact the forum administrator requesting that your ad be deleted. (Click here to contact the Administrator).

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Can I embed photos/images in the body of my forum messages?

Embedded or inline images are disabled in our forum due to prior abuse.

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Do not post long links in your messages.

Posting long links can cause issues with how they're displayed and can affect if/how they work. Instead, consider using the Insert hyperlink tool (located on the left of the row of links above the row of smilies).

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Making your messages easier for others to read.

Don't write your message in a single long paragraph; It makes it hard to read and even harder to digest. So, please split your message up into smaller paragraphs. If you're unsure what a paragraph is, just split your message into smaller chunks and use the Return key on your keyboard a couple of times to separate each chunk.

Some of us spent a career reading and digesting volumes of manuals, specs, standards and contracts. But, when we see a long message typed as a single paragraph, it's likely to be ignored.

Don't use all caps
Using all capitals (uppercase) is considered SHOUTING in the online world, and also makes your message more difficult to read.

So, if you want someone to read &/or respond to your message, please make it digestible by breaking it into smaller paragraphs, and don't use all caps.

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Why was my post moved?

A forum Moderator might move your post to a more appropriate message board, or one that would likely get more attention and attract more replies. This is an everyday occurrence, so please don't feel that you've been singled out.

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How do I delete my message after receiving an answer to my question?

Questions and answers form the core knowledgebase of any forum; Being able to read prior answers to someone else's question will often provide all the information that someone is looking for. Although you received your desired answer(s), deleting your question and related discussion prevents others from receiving the benefit of that knowledge. Therefore, we do not normally delete such discussions even when asked.

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How do I post preformatted text?

Use [ pre ] and [ /pre ] tags without the spaces.

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How do I create ordered and unordered lists in my posts?

Use the respective icons in the row above the smileys while composing a message.

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How do I upload photos to the photo gallery?

Direct uploads to the gallery aren't enabled. Go ahead and attach your photos to a message, and a Moderator will upload to the gallery.

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Get notified of new personal messages.

There are two ways to be notified of a personal (private) message from someone else. Both methods are set up by clicking Profile in the menu:

To be notified via email:

  • Click Personal messaging under Modify profile.
  • Check the box labelled Notify by email every time you receive a personal message.
  • Click Change profile at the bottom of your screen.

Please do not reply to these automated email notifications, as they have nowehere to go; Either click the link at the bottom of the notification, or go directly to your Private messages to reply.

To be notified via a popup window:

  • Click Personal messaging under Modify profile.
  • Check the box labelled Show a popup when I receive new messages.
  • Click Change profile at the bottom of your screen.

When you have been notified of a new personal message, you can view the content of the message by clicking the line at the top left of your screen that says Hello, (your name), you have x messages, y are new.

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Ignore someone's personal messages to me.

If you find personal (private) messages annoying and don't wish to receive them, here's how to use the forum software to ignore them:
  • Click Profile from the menu.
  • Click Personal messaging under Modify profile.
  • Select one of the options and click Change profile at the bottom right to make the changes stick.

Note that some of the options for personal messages refer to the Buddies/Ignore list. To add to, or delete from this list, click Profile and select Buddies/Ignore list.

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View, send or reply to a personal message.

If someone has sent you a Personal (private) Message, the Welcome line at the top of any forum page will say, for example:

Hello, (your name), you have 3 messages, 1 is new.

The first number is the total number of messages in your Inbox and the second number is the number of messages you haven't yet read.

To view your personal messages, click on the x messages link, or click My Messages in the menu.

To have the system send you an email alerting you to a new personal message, click the Profile button in the menu, click Personal Messaging, then check the box labelled Notify by email every time you receive a personal message. Finally, click Change Profile.

To reply to a Personal Message while viewing it, click Reply alongside the message, compose your reply and click Send message.

Since there is a limit to the number of personal messages that can be saved in your Inbox, please delete messages after reading.

To send someone else a Personal Message, click the Personal message icon beneath their user name. To save copies of personal messages you send, click the Profile button in the menu above, click Personal Messaging, then check the box labelled Save a copy of each Personal Message in my outbox by default. Finally, click Change profile.

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View the private messaages I've sent to other forum members.

Click on My Messages in the main menu above, and you'll see a sub-menu. In the sub-menu roll your cursor over Messages and scroll down to Sent Items.

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Send an email to another forum member.

To send an email to another forum member, click on the envelope icon beneath their user name. Alternatively, view their Profile and click on the email link in the profile. Note that, if someone has chosen not to allow members to send them emails (via a setting in their profile), neither the envelope icon nor the email link in their profile will be visible.

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How can other forum members send me an email?.

You need to enable this feature by visiting your Profile (button in the menu) and, under Modify profile, select Account settings. Check the box to Allow others to email me, and scroll down to click Change profile. An 'envelope' icon will now appear beneath your name/avatar in forum messages, letting folks know they can send you an email; They merely have to click the 'envelope'.

Note that enabling this option does not reveal your email address to other forum members; emails are sent via an email form produced by the forum software, not via the sender's email system. However, your email address will be visible to the recipient on receipt of your email message.

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Reply to a topic.

To reply to a topic while viewing one or more messages in the topic, click the Reply button in the menu immediately above the first message on the page. The subject will be automatically filled in. Enter the text of your reply in the large white box. Before posting the reply you can use the options to Preview or Spell check using the buttons immediately below the white box. When you're happy with your reply, click Post and your reply will be posted to the topic.

For clarification, all replies here are replies to a topic. At this time, it's not possible to reply to individual messages, although you can quote an individual message in your reply as explained here.

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Where's the answer to my question?.

Patiently (or impatiently) waiting for the answer to your gotta know now question?

We have a wonderful group of volunteers on the RV Forum staff who patiently answer questions based on their respective knowledge, experience and expertise. However, please remember that they are not necessarily sitting at their PC waiting for the next question to be asked, although it might sometimes appear that way. In addition to having lives to lead, they may be in different time zones or may be in transit to their next destination. They may even be unlucky enough to be offline due to lack of an internet connection. The same goes for other forum members who may have the answer you need. So please be patient and check back later, several times if necesary.

If you can't find the question you posted, click the Profile button in the menu, then click on the link Show posts.

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I don't want to see messages posted by one or more members

If you find public messages from one or more members annoying and don't wish to see them, here's how to use the forum software to ignore them: Click Profile from the menu. Click Buddies/Ignore list under Modify profile. Select one of the options and click Change profile at the bottom right to make the changes stick.

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How do I see forum messages in reverse order?

Click Profile in the menu, then click Modify profile, and select Look and layout. Check (or uncheck) the box to Show most recent posts at the top. Scroll down and click Change profile to make the change permanent.

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Using the forum efficiently.

If you read the forum by scrolling through all the messages, there's a more efficient way; See this forum message for details.

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Avoid replying to old messages/topics.

Replying to old messages/topics is generally a waste of time; Not only is the discussion old and no longer of interest to the prior posters, but the original poster may no longer be participating on the forum &/or had his/her question answered a long time ago. Instead, consider starting a new topic.
If you attempt to reply to a topic that hasn't been posted in for more than 120 days, you'll see a warning on the screen.

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How do I report an offensive or inappropriate message?

Click the Report to moderator button located at the bottom of the message.

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Jump between message pages.

If a topic has multiple pages and you don't wish to read through every page, here's how to 'jump' between pages. Above the first message and below the last message on the page you'll see numbers representing the pages of that topic. Click any of those page numbers to go directly to the page.

If you haven't been here for a while and have a lot of new messages in a topic, you can also set your preferences to see the most recent at the top. Just click the Profile button in the menu, then click Modify profile and select Look and layout. Check the box labeled Show most recent posts at the top. Don't forget to scroll down and click the Change profile button to save the changes.

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How do I receive email notification of new replies to topics I wish to "follow"?

While reading a topic you wish to follow, click the Notify button located at the top and bottom of the topic.

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Which topics do I have notifications set up for?

Click the Profile button in the menu and click Modify profile, then select Notifications. View &/or change your options, and click Save settings.

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Are there alternative ways (besides a web browser) to view forum messages?

We have several alternative ways of viewing forum messages:

  • Use our Android smartphone app; See here.
  • Use our text-only view by clicking the WAP2 link at the bottom of this page.
  • Use the RSS feed of the forum; Either click the RSS link at the bottom of the page, or set up the feed in your feed reader or email client. See this forum message for more details.

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Saving or printing a message or topic.

For a single post, you could copy and paste the post into a document like Word and then save or print that.

Click the Print button at the top or bottom of a topic page. That will format the entire topic, all pages if there are more than one, in a format suitable for saving as text or printing. However, that won't include any attached images.

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What is a "child board"?

Our forum is comprised of multiple message boards, or "boards", each containing discussions (or topics) on various subjects. A child board is a board which is placed within another board. This effectively makes the board that the child board is placed inside of a parent board. Child boards can be very useful to split up discussions within a board which covers a broad subject area. It can also help keep things organized, when one subject is directly related to another.

The collection of message boards and child boards here is what we refer to as our forum.

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I don't want to read all new messages.

If you're done reading and don't wish to read any more new messages, nor have them show up again, here's how; Click the Mark all messages as read button located above the first message on the page, or below the last message on the page. The "read" status will be applied to all messages in the forum, including ones posted after "view all unread" is clicked.

Alternatively, you can check the box to the right of some messages and click the Mark selected read button.

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How do I hide or ignore message boards?

Click on Profile in the menu, then click Modify Profile and select the Ignore boards option. Select the boards you wish to ignore, scroll down and click Change profile.

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Changing the font size while viewing messages

Click ctrl+ or click ctrl and rotate the mouse wheel.

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What do the various icons in this forum mean?

Roll your cursor over an icon and it's meaning/function will be displayed.

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How do I avoid seeing a category of message boards?

Click on the name of the category (e.g. RV-related and other recreational activities), and the boards in that category will be hidden. Click on the name again, and the boards in that category will reappear.

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Find topics I started.

Click on Profile on the menu bar, then Summary, and Show posts at the far left. Then click Topics.

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Find messages I've posted.

If you can't find that message you just know you posted, here's one way to find it:

Go to your profile by clicking the Profile button in the menu above. Scroll down the profile page and click on the link Show posts and select Messages. Clicking this link will return all the messages you've posted on the forum. Bookmark the link (or save in your favorites) to make it easier to come back to this page.

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Find new messages.

Near the top left of your screen there are up to three underlined links:
  • Hey Tom, you have 3 new messages, 2 are new. Refers to private forum messages, and is only visible if you have unread PMs waiting for you.
  • Show unread posts since your last visit. Returns a list of topics with unread messages. Click on the blue New icons in this list to read the unread messages.
  • Show new replies to your posts. These will be any replies to a topic (thread) that you started.

If you can't see these links on your screen, you may have inadvertently hidden the header information. To see the header, click on the up arrow in the top right corner of the screen. (If the arrow is pointing down, the header info is already visible).

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Search for information in this forum.

Click the Search button in the menu. The Search feature allows you to narrow down your search by selecting/entering various criteria.

Note that this search feature searches only our message boards and does not search our forum library. The forum library has its own search feature, visible on every library page.

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Alphabetical list of message boards.

For convenience, you can view an alphabetical list of message boards (with links) by clicking here.

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Finding forum members.

You can view our member database, or search to find other forum members. Click on Members in the menu, then Search for members. You can search by various factors.

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Where will I find checklists?

Click the Library button in the menu and select the Checklists section.

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Where will I find trip reports?

Reports of forum members' trips are initially posted in our Trip reports, journals and logs message board, and necessarily include discussion with other forum members. In a number of cases, we've copied reports to the Trip reports section of our forum Library (button in the menu), after removing the discussion with forum members.

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Resources For RVers.

Click the Resources button in the menu to access numerous pages of links to various RV-related resources and information. Find sources for brochures, insurance, glass & windshield replacement, owners manuals, parts & salvage, RV rental companies, and much more.

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Where are the forum rules?

Although we try to keep our rules to a minimum, experience has shown that some guidelines are necessary for participation in the forum. These rules can be viewed by clicking the About button in the menu and scrolling down to Forum rules. Note that, when you registered and activated an account in the RV Forum, you also agreed to a set of conditions; The Rules page contains a link to the Registration Agreement should you need a reminder of its content.

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Where can I find an explanation for the abbreviations/acronyms used in forum messages?

Click the Library button in the menu, then go to the Forum navigation section of our library and look for the file of Acronyms.

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Explanation of RV-related terms and abbreviations.

Our Glossary Of RV Terms is an extensive compendium of RV-related terms, arranged in alphabetical order. To access this resource, simply click the Glossary button in the menu.

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Where will I find an explanation of the various types and classes of RVs?

Our illustrated file of RV Types will help explain.

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Do we have a memorial page for passed Framily members?

Click the About button in the menu and scroll down to Passed Framily members.

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Where can I read the Privacy Policy of this forum?

Click the About button in the menu and scroll down to Privacy policy.

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Who are the forum staff?

Click the About button in the menu and scroll down to Hosts.

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Where will I find photos from rallies and other events?

Click the Photos button in the menu. Photos are organized in albums in a gallery format. Click on the 'cover image' of an album to view thumbnail images of all the photos in that album. Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image, and click again to see a full size image.

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How do I contribute to the costs of The RV Forum?

Click the Donate button in the menu.

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Where do I find a list of all the message boards in The RV Forum?

Click the Home button in the menu to see all our message boards, organized in several categories. To see an alphabetical list of message boards, click here.

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How do I find another member?

Click the Members link in the menu bar to display a list of forum members. You can then Search for members by user name, email address, or one of several other criteria.

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How do I contact another forum member privately?

While viewing a member's profile, click the Send PM or Send email link. Note that these links are visible only if the member has enabled them in their profile. Also, PMs can only be sent by members who have posted a minimum number of public messages.

Note that attachments cannot be sent via PM.

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Chat 'live' with other RVers.

To enter the chat room in order to participate in our live weekly Virtual Campfire (normally held every Wednesday evening at 6.00pm PT, 9.00pm ET), click on the Chat button in the menu. Enter a User Name (it does not need to be your forum user name), leave the Password blank (passwords are only required for Moderators), and click Login. You'll now enter the Virtual Campfire.

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View photos uploaded by others.

Our standard method of accepting and displaying photos in the forum is via attachments to messages. Just click on an attachment name at the bottom of a message to view it.

Additionally, where it makes sense, we've created photo albums, accessible by clicking Photos in the menu.

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Where's the library?

We currently have over 200 files and articles in our forum library and the number continues to grow. The files can be viewed by clicking on the Library button in the menu. You'll see a list of categories, which currently include:
  • Batteries and DC (12V) stuff
  • Buying an RV
  • Checklists
  • Conversions and remodels
  • Driving and safety tips
  • Electrical ower systems and hookups
  • Fishing
  • Forum navigation
  • Fresh water systems
  • Fulltiming
  • Hygiene, health and medicine
  • Maintenance items
  • Major repairs
  • Miscellaneous
  • Newcomers need to know
  • On the water
  • Places to see and things to do
  • Places to stay
  • Quick fixes
  • RV how-to's
  • RV'ing in Canada
  • Rallies
  • Recipes
  • South of the border
  • Tech topics
  • Towing and towables
  • Trip reports
  • Visitors to the USA
  • Waste systems
  • Winnebago-specific content

The files are contained in one or other of these categories. (More categories can/will be added as appropriate).

One caveat - don't look for photographs to be linked this way. Although a few of the files have embedded photos used to illustrate something within the files, our standard method of accepting and displaying photos is via attachments to messages. Additionally, where it makes sense, we create photo albums, accessible via the Photos nutton in the menu.

If you have additional RV-related (non-photo) files or content you'd like to include, please attach them to a forum message or email them to me. (Look for my photo with the label Administrator and click the envelope icon beneath my name).

Can't see the Library button or the Photos button? You need to register and log into the forum. Click here for an explanation of how to register.

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How do things work here?

See this explanation

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Report broken links.

We do our best to ensure that all links we post in messages and files are correct at the time of publication. However, errors will occasionally occur and/or the intended destination of links can change for various reasons.

If you click on a link and it either doesn't work or takes you to an unintended place, please let us know so we can correct it. Click here to report the link.

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Is there a smartphone app for this forum?

We have an Android app that uses a text interface to the forum, but we do not have an iPhone app. See this forum message for details, including a barcode for downloading the app.

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If the forum is offline, how do I find out what's happening?

If we have a major outage on our forum (i.e. one that will keep us off the air for an extended time), whether planned or otherwise, we'll provide some information and status updates on our blog here. Bookmark this link (or save it in your favorites) for future reference.

In the case of planned outages, we'll attempt to provide advanced notice on the forum; At these times, you may see a message letting you know that we're performing forum maintenance and suggesting you check back later.

We won't normally update the blog for minor interruptions such as transient equipment or networking issues, software updates and routine backup or maintenance routines.

In any event, you can be sure we'll always focus on getting the forum back online in an expedient manner.

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Background and history of The RV Forum.

Click the About button in the menu and ascroll down to History of The RV Forum.

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How do I contact the forum administrator?

Click the About button in the menu and scroll down to Contact Administrator.

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Are wearables available with the forum logo?

Yes. Click the About button in the menu and scroll down to Logo wear

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Do we have a Tapatalk version of this forum to allow access on a mobile device?

Tapatalk requires modification of our software code which, in turn, can cause a huge problem (for me) when updates to our software come along. TT can also be a potential security issue. A number of forums refuse to install TT, and our software developers have taken a similar stance. Far be it for me to second guess the experts.

We have several alternative options for mobile devices - see here.

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Didn't find the help you were looking for?

If what you're looking for isn't included in the list above, please click here to post a message in the forum asking for help.

Please come back if you need more help navigating our forum.

You can come back to this list of how-to's at any time by clicking the Help button in the menu. Alternatively, bookmark this page for future reference.
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