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Title: Replies and edits to private ads
Post by: Tom on February 24, 2017, 10:54:12 AM
Re-posting erroneously deleted message.

Our Private for-sale message board is not intended as a place for discussion, and we clearly ask that folks not reply to ads. If someone needs to contact the advertiser, this should be done via PM or email. The for-sale message board was set to 'no reply' a long time ago, but there appears to be a bug that has allowed folks to reply to ads.

While most replies have been intended as helpful, we've seen cases where they detract from the seller's intent. I've temporarily locked all ads until I can find a solution to the 'no reply' bug. If you have an ad on that board, you may receive an automated notification letting you know your ad is locked. There is no need to re-post your ad if you receive a "locked" notification, as your ad is still visible to forum members and visitors.

Meanwhile, we're also doing some cleanup and removal of old ads and ones for items that have been sold. If your ad is one that was deleted, it probably means that it has been around for a long time. If you still wish to sell your item and your ad has been deleted, then you'll need to post a new ad.

Edit: I should have mentioned that, if you have an ad set for email notification, you'll receive a "topic locked" notification even if you didn't post the ad.

Edit: Since ads are locked and can't be edited, if you need to change/update your ad there are two options, depending on the extent of the change/edit:

1. If you merely have a simple edit, drop me an email or PM (click one of the icons beneath my avatar), and I'll edit your ad. Don't expect me to make major changes.

2. If your change is more than a simple edit, post a new ad and drop me a note; I'll then remove the old one.