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Title: Locking an RV door
Post by: 6x16inside on March 16, 2017, 05:52:44 PM
I don't seem to have a key to the door and it doesn't even stay closed while motoring down the highway.  I can add a strong padlock inside for once we are tucked in but what do I need to do outside so one of us doesn't always have to stay home.  92 Holiday Rambler Imperial 37
Title: Re: Locking an RV door
Post by: RedandSilver on March 16, 2017, 09:22:35 PM
Call a Locksmith.
Title: Re: Locking an RV door
Post by: Rene T on March 16, 2017, 09:38:35 PM
Have you tried to find a lock assembly online?  Maybe this will help you get started:*&spf=64
Title: Re: Locking an RV door
Post by: JudyJB on March 16, 2017, 09:51:23 PM
In the meantime, use some Velcro tape to tie it closed from the inside.  I once had trouble with my then brand-new motorhome's side door not latching properly.  Had it adjusted twice by dealer.  Still could open it even with both locks locked.  Complained to factory customer service via phone and email as I was driving alone through Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, etc.  Tried to find dealer who would really, really fix it, but even factory customer service could not get anyone to fit me in their tight schedules.

Short story: door popped open when I hit a bump in Rocky Mountain National Park at 55 MPH.  As it slammed against the side of my motorhome, the automatic steps deployed and hit a log on the edge of the road that the park service had put there to prevent people from pulling off to view elk.  Bottom step was not 4" to the rear of top step so it would not retract.  Door was not damaged, but vehicle not driveable with step sticking out.  Fleetwood paid for having it removed and getting it banged back into shape.  Gave me new steps but that took 8 months! 
Title: Re: Locking an RV door
Post by: Great Horned Owl on March 17, 2017, 08:52:29 AM
You might be able to fix the problem of it not staying closed. The most likely cause is that the latch bolt is not properly engaging the strike plate. If you loosen the two screws that hold the strike plate, you will find that there is a considerable range of adjustment. I need to readjust mine about once a year.