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Title: New ideas off the beaten track
Post by: kenpt on April 02, 2017, 07:30:16 PM
I haven't seen either of these choices on this thread or the van conversion thread.  So, as I am new to this forum, I will throw them out. Both of these are great on the highway but, better off the highway.  You want to see some back country roads, check it out.

 First: I owned a Sportsmobile E-350/diesel/4x4 for 14 years.  Great pop top van conversion although no bath. Got me places Pleasure-way vans wouldn't think of going. They are now into Sprinters and maybe the new van designs as the auto companies redesigned their vans. But, they have used van's that are worth a look.

Second: we replaced our Sportsmobile with a Tiger CX.  This rig is fully self contained and is attached to a truck model of your choice, although it has to be either the Ram 3500, F-350, or whatever the Chevy model is. Or larger. We have the CX which is shorter and not as long as what Tiger offers now, which is the TX. We also eliminated some options which reduced the price. The beauty of this camper is that it is built and then attached to the frame of the truck.  Of course, you can go larger with Tiger models that compete with the Earth Roamer type campers.  But, we want to get off road and camp pretty much alone.  Either are nice choices for those who want to explore!


2015 Tiger CX on F-350 4x4/diesel
Title: Re: New ideas off the beaten track
Post by: OutdoorFT on April 11, 2017, 06:10:31 PM
Wow...that is pricey. Seems like a 1 ton and a truck camper for a fraction of the price would be more budget friendly.