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Title: Making the bed!
Post by: dsoucy1 on August 15, 2017, 09:23:05 PM
Our little trailer came with a queen sized bed that is situated crossways in the front. You can only get to the bed from one side. We replaced the thin mattress with a memory foam one and it was very comfortable. But getting sheets and blankets on the bed required extreme wrestling and broken fingernails.
One day I had a revelation. Why not put a full size mattress on the platform? We tried it and we do not notice the few inches less in width and length! Making up the bed is much easier and the gaps left by the smaller mattress is great for storing books and our laptop. Just thought I would pass this along in case other campers hate making up the bed too.
Title: Re: Making the bed!
Post by: SeilerBird on August 15, 2017, 10:01:45 PM
I bought a new to me fifth wheel about six months ago and I hate the queen mattress that came with me. The problem is that it is a very deep mattress and the fitted sheet is very difficult to put on because there is a night stand that is right up against the mattress and the mattress is very deep. The cover will not stay on there so I am planning on doing the exact same thing. If I replace it with a thinner full size mattress I will have room to put it on width wise and depth wise.
Title: Re: Making the bed!
Post by: kdbgoat on August 16, 2017, 05:57:08 AM
A tip that Oldgator73's wife told my wife was don't use a fitted sheet on the mattress. It's a lot easier to just use a regular sheet. Deb tried that, and it works very well for her.