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Title: Sun Shields
Post by: DaveRB55 on September 01, 2017, 10:30:53 PM
Hello Everyone,

I've been doing some research on sun shields and I'm looking for some feedback.

My MH has  the internal sun shield and nighttime shade neither of which helped much in the the Texas sun.  We are considering purchasing a shield and found web info on both the internal and external types as follows:

Magneshade:   External, mounts using magnets, easy to hang with extending pole, significant inside temp improvement, $549 for solid color, $944 for custom art

Sunguard:  External, mounts using snaps, twist locks or Velcro, need a ladder to install, significant temp improvement,  Std fabric $315, Hi Density Fabric $370

HeritageArtLTD:  Internal, Mounts using velcro to circlets and strip on top edge,  Custom trimmed for window, $225 for solid color, 250 for custom art

RVSunshades4Less:  Internal, Mounts using suction cups,  Standard width material  37-44", buyer does final trimming,  solid color only $85

All use Vinyl coated, sun shield screen material.   Most of the comments I've  found are with the Magneshade.  Keeps the heat out before passing through the window,  easy to install, very expensive but very effective nearly everyone satisfied with the product. (but something less expensive would be good)

I've found very little feedback on the internally sourced screens.  Most people said internal screens let too much heat in but I would like to discern if this is based on the std factory screen or was this from recent purchasing experience.  I have a Winnebago class A with the MCD solar screen which is a good 8-10 inches away from the window.  It lets in a tremendous amount of heat even if backed up with the nightshade.  I get the physics...all that heat coming through the window heating up the space between the screen and window has to go somewhere. 

But these aftermarket internal screens fit very close to the window (a lot closer than my motorized screen and the windows are nearly vertical).  I was wondering if anyone has used the internal, velcro or suction cup type sunscreens and whether they found them to be effective in reducing temp.   85-$255-$315-$549...are big differences 

My thinking is a screen close to the window has less area to trap heat and with the backup MCD screen would provide reasonably effective heat reduction.
I'm just trying to get the most value for my dollar.   I really would prefer an internal screen, both for cost and not having to deal with an external issue, cleanup and drying,  but obviously only if it works reasonably well.  So how about it, any internal sun shield users have any feedback or care to comment.

Title: Re: Sun Shields
Post by: Ernie n Tara on September 02, 2017, 08:01:36 AM
The objective of an internal screen is to trap a layer of air between the screen and windshield.  So long as that air is not allowed to circulate, the screen should be quite effective. We have the MCS screens and they have been quite effective as they fit tightly on the sides and are sealed at the critical top.

Outside screens may reflect more heat as well as providing an extra layer of insulation. Overall, they are probably more effective.

Title: Re: Sun Shields
Post by: DaveRB55 on September 06, 2017, 10:40:05 AM
Ernie, thanks for responding
Title: Re: Sun Shields
Post by: Sun2Retire on September 06, 2017, 10:44:49 AM
We had external shades on our previous coach and it was the first thing I had made for this one - wouldn't be without them. Had them made for every window in case we're parked for awhile in the sun, usually just use front 3.

Dramatic difference in temp, and I think much more effective than internal as they stop the heat before it gets to the glass. But.... they are a pain to install and remove.