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Title: The 2000 Winnebago Chieftain 35U
Post by: RPatt278 on September 07, 2017, 01:37:06 PM
We bought this Class A just over a year ago, and finally decided to replace the carpet, flooring, window treatments and upholstery on the sofa. Before we started, we found someone who would do it for us, but the quote was outrageous.

As we got started on our demolition, we discussed what else we didn't like about our RV (Besides the worn out flooring and carpet). It really came down to a few issues. Noise, the heated floor and the general handling of the RV. So, once we completed the removal of all the flooring, chunks of adhesive, padding, and 3 million staples; we wanted to address the noise the MH makes as we go down the road. As many of you may have experienced, the F53 Chassis and V10 engine can get rather noisy when driving.

While the floor was up, I placed a product called Hushmat on the entire metal floor at the front of the RV. We also covered the exterior of the engine cover. On the interior of the engine cover, we used a product called Fat-Mat. All of it was relatively easy to install.

The handling issues we are addressing incrementally. Increase pressure in the air shocks, installed a steering stabilizer (Big Help) and performed the CHF on the front. (We'll have to see how the CHF helps)

As far as the noise goes in the RV, we still get the unavoidable road noise, and maybe better tires and some air springs will help with that... but we can really tell the difference in the engine noise, and the floor no longer gets hot to the touch after 4 - 6 hours of driving.

If you are interested in reducing the engine noise only, the Fat-Mat on the inside of the engine cover is a easy project. For hot floors, I'd also put Hushmat on the underside of the metal floor everywhere you can reach.

Might have some pictures later.

Title: Re: The 2000 Winnebago Chieftain 35U
Post by: kdbgoat on September 07, 2017, 01:43:29 PM
Good info there, Master Chief. Good to see another bubblehead on here too.