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Title: Dish receivers
Post by: schoolsout2 on October 01, 2017, 10:19:45 AM
On my MH I have a winngard 1000 Traveler with one receiver and a hard drive for recording.  I would like to be able to record more than one or watch live while recording.  Is there a receiver for an Rv that will do this?  I know I can add a 2nd receiver and hard drive but if I can get more than that I would like to.

Please don't tell me about your direct tv, I don't have Direct and I do it wants contract.
Title: Re: Dish receivers
Post by: Harry B on October 01, 2017, 01:25:11 PM
The hopper will do what you want.  You will need a Winegard Traveler 1000 and give each receiver its own connection to the traveler. You can also add a Joey instead of using your current receiver but you will need to do some minor rewiring then.
Title: Re: Dish receivers
Post by: Dragginourbedaround on October 01, 2017, 02:41:45 PM
You can also get a 612 receiver. Records two programs, or record one and watch another.
Title: Re: Dish receivers
Post by: pacer1955 on October 01, 2017, 02:59:31 PM
Dishnetwork is no good. Their updated software corrupted our Hopper(1) and they didn't design a fail safe to uninstall & get back to the good software. As a result some DVR timers stopped recording, slow motion speed controls were taken away, guide doesn't update properly, etc etc. The company lied about the fix dates, and provide no support - customers are on their own. Try to warn people on their forums & posts disappear.
Title: Re: Dish receivers
Post by: NY_Dutch on October 01, 2017, 07:35:28 PM
Our 3-tuner Hopper 2 does switch channels, etc, a bit slower since the "upgrade" to the new software/UI version, but we haven't found it particularly annoying once we found our way around the new layout. The newest 16-tuner Hopper 3 does have a faster processor, just as the Hopper 2 has a faster one than the Hopper 1 which I would not recommend. Either the H2 or H3 will work with your Trav'ler, allowing multiple simultaneous recordings while watching another channel. Additional TV's can be connected using one of the Joey sub-receiver models that communicates with the Hopper. The H2 and H3 models also have built-in Sling streaming capability when Internet connected, allowing you to watch any of your channels or recordings on any Internet connected PC, Android/iOS device, and Amazon FireTV device using a free app. My wife has even watched her favorite soap opera on our coach's bedroom TV and a FireTVstick while we were underway, streaming it from the second Hopper 2 we keep online at our upstate NY vacation cottage.