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Title: Chassis Battery Exploded
Post by: wincom6 on October 02, 2017, 12:06:21 PM
I turned the ignition key this morning and there was a very loud boom. I went to the rear of the motorhome and found battery acid leaking, the chassis battery exploded. I have heard of this happening but my first experience.  I called Coach Net and they stated that batteries are not covered, the best they could do is call around and find someone to do the job but I would be charged the service call (about $300.)  I decide to call a local trucking company and they will come out in a few days and exchange both batteries.  I was in Gaffney Freightliner about 3 weeks ago,  sure wish I would have had my chassis batteries replaced. The coach is on a 2007 chassis so I guess the batteries are 9-10 years old.
Title: Re: Chassis Battery Exploded
Post by: QZ on October 02, 2017, 02:19:01 PM
It broke an internal connector bar. As soon as the key is turned and a load is applied it creates an arc and blows like a bomb if there is still some hydrogen gas preset. I had it happen on a loader years ago after cleaning the battery cables. Even with being gentle during the cable service it was enough to break a bar. I also experienced it with a brand new Trojan T105 used in a golf cart. They kept having problems with intermittent operation and kept fiddling with things themselves until they brought it in. I attached a meter on the main terminals looking at voltage drop as I operated it somewhat aggressively from forward to reverse when it blew one of the batteries. Chunks of plastic hit the 40 ft high ceiling and landed about that far away. It was just good that the driver wast injured while messing with it. That's another reason you NEVER carry a battery by the terminals. They sell straps to do that but they are only good for scrap batteries. That's why gc2 have built in carry tabs on the plastic case. They make a flexible strap handle with hooks that go in the tabs

It's also why all battery literature and service procedures tell you to use protective face shields, aprons and goggles.
Title: Re: Chassis Battery Exploded
Post by: Arch Hoagland on October 02, 2017, 04:55:37 PM
Good info QZ.

I was in a large club warehouse one time and saw an employee standing on top of bunch of batteries that were for sale. Standing right on the bare posts while he was trying to reach something.

Decided to never buy a battery there.