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Title: 2019 RV Forum Quartzsite Rally January 19th-28th
Post by: Jeff on October 02, 2017, 04:05:48 PM
The RV Forum Quartzsite rally is normally held coincident with the QZ Annual Sports, Vacation and RV Show. In 2019 the show is being held January 19th through the 28th and the Rally will run from Friday January 18th through Sunday January 28th. We traditionally hold a pot luck on the second Saturday, which will be January 26th.

This rally is the longest running RV Forum rally and a great experience as a trip to the Mecca of winter RVing for sunbirds in the Southwest. We look forward to seeing you all there! We have several resources in our forum library that will hopefully help newcomers to Quartzsite and to the rally, including:

Quartzsite impressions ( - an account by forum staffer Jim Dick of his first visit to Quartzsite

The Quartzsite experience ( - an article written for the Places to see and things to do section of our forum library.

Directions to the rally site ( - step-by-step directions written by Jerry Fitzgerald, and illustrated with pictures taken as Tom followed Jerry's directions.

Aerial view of the rally site (, courtesy of Richard Sharp (his brother took the photos that were subsequently stitched together and annotated by Tom).

Here is the 2019 Quartzsite Visitor's Guide ( .Additionally, the Rallies ( section of our photo gallery include photos taken by attendees at several Quartzsite rallies.

You can post a question, comment, or register at this TOPIC (,117833.msg1067977.html#msg1067977) in this section.

Below is the list of those who have indicated they will be parked at our rally site. If you are staying with other groups or are staying at a campground be sure to let us know and come to happy hour or the potluck held Saturday afternoon.

Rally Attendee List
Name                                                      Forum Name              Dates                        State.                         Status
Jeff and Sue Cousins                                  Jeff                        1/20-1/28                      AZ                       
Kevin and Pam Stalnaker                           UTTransplant        <1/18-1/28                      IA
Tom and Teresa  DeWinter                        Heli_Av8tor          <1/18-1/28>                    IL
Dan and Marge West                                  Utclmjmpr            <1/18-1/28>                   UT
Vicki and Mark Shorter                               shorts                  <1/18-1/28>                   IN
Jenifer Everett and Dan  McBride                ferfer                    <1/17-1\28                     FT/IN
Terry and Betty Brewer                              Betty Brewer           1/18-1/28                     AZ
Caryl Pappas                                             cadee2c                     TBD                             FT     
Bill Waugh                                                HueyPilotVN           >1/17-1/28<                  AZ

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Title: Re: 2018 RV Forum Quartzsite Rally January 19th-28th
Post by: Tom on October 02, 2017, 07:13:15 PM
Jeff, I added a link on our web site here (