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Title: Grand Junction FW
Post by: grashley on October 02, 2017, 07:15:29 PM
We may be about to pull the trigger on a '09 Grand Junction 35TMS FW camper.  It is 200 miles away, private seller, and appears to be our ideal floor plan.  It even has a fireplace and chair in the bedroom!   15,500 GVWR with a 3543# payload, leaves 100# misc cargo.

Other than the required PDI and condition, condition, condition, are there any comments on this camper.  We will make one trip to look it over, hopefully this weekend, and, if we buy, a second trip to pick it up.  I do not own a FW hitch, waiting to see if one came with the camper.
Title: Re: Grand Junction FW
Post by: steveblonde on October 02, 2017, 07:19:22 PM
Pull the trigger buy a Curt hitch lol -good luck hope its everything you want in a 5er
Title: Re: Grand Junction FW
Post by: kdbgoat on October 03, 2017, 06:17:41 AM
I'm praying it all works out for you Preacher! You've done a lot of homework and it's been a long time coming.
Title: Re: Grand Junction FW
Post by: grashley on October 05, 2017, 05:40:29 PM
It took a couple days for the seller to respond, and I prayed for it to fall through if this was the wrong one.  We have been in contact, and will go over Sunday to take a look.  It will get a partial PDI, then if all is good, the rest when I go back with the truck to pick it up.  It will take a few days to get the cash in one place to pay for it, and I do not yet have a hitch.
Title: Re: Grand Junction FW
Post by: LLauren on October 22, 2017, 09:11:25 AM
So did the Lord pave the road on this one or direct you elsewhere as we will soon b on the road you are on also...
Title: Re: Grand Junction FW
Post by: grashley on October 22, 2017, 06:31:26 PM

Welcome to the Forum!

Since this is an older, and likely less read thread, I will expound in a bit more depth.

The LORD is GREAT!  We went over to look at the camper 2 weeks ago.  Before we went, the private seller informed us a water heater leak, just discovered, had caused a soft spot in the kitchen floor.  He would not sell the camper until it was fixed. ?!?!  It rained the whole time we were there.  The camper was closed when we arrived, and he extended the awning and the slides in the rain while we were there.  I found absolutely no signs of any water leaks anywhere.  I was also VERY impressed that he was a good, honest Christian, confirmed by the Spirit.  I did not do the thorough inspection I had planned, in part due to the rain. 

The camper appeared to be in very good condition, and exactly as advertised.  We agreed on a price and shook hands. He refused any down payment.  As of a week ago, he had heard back from his insurance, and was taking it to the shop.  I have not tried to contact him today for a weekly update.

The LORD has not yet said no, and I trust Him explicitly.

More of the back story.
Two years ago, my wife was a sitter for a wonderful 95 year old lady, still living at home.  We promised her family we would stay for mom until we wee no longer needed.  After she passed, we planned to get a camper and see the country.   She passed away this past April.

In the meantime ...  Our daughter, now 28, moved back home, ended up pregnant, and presented us our first grand daughter 10 months ago.   Boy friend / sperm donor is long gone!  Thank You LORD!!  Daughter has a good job, and we are live in child care, so to speak.  Taking care of Cora precludes any 2 or 3 week or longer trips.  One or maybe two day max.

A year ago, I found my perfect tow vehicle.  3 year old F350 Super Cab, Long bed, Lariat, diesel, 4WD, gooseneck option, Adobe interior,  and ONLY  3660 miles.  That is 1200 miles a year!  It still smelled new!   I paid $43,000 compared to a $59,000 sticker on THAT truck, and $65,000 on a similarly equipped new one!   God's message - You will get that camper.

My wife finally said OK to the camper with plans of short trips for now.  After 2 + years of looking, I saw this camper.  I had never seen this floor plan that I remember.  It was only 200 miles away.  It was in our price range.  It hit all of our hot buttons. 

Specifically, peninsula kitchen with a window over the stove (and a big one!), large fridge, 2 recliners, living area fireplace and large TV, bathroom with separate doors to bedroom and hall (when son or dau travels with us), seat in shower, walk around bed, W/D hookups, access to bed and bath with slides in.  IN ADDITION, it has a fireplace AND recliner in the bedroom!

I feel God also has lead us to this camper.   GOD IS WONDERFUL!

My new mantra:

This is a day to surrender to an agenda that is not our own,
in a world where our vision of what makes sense gives way to a future
not tied to our desires or plans.