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Title: Blue Ox Lignhting Kit.
Post by: CWSWine on November 09, 2017, 10:12:46 AM
I had installer install the Blue Ox light kit on my Jeep and it was working as advertised I thought.   I also have a braking system that uses the brake pedal when the jeep brakes are active the turn signal DOES NOT OPERATE but the brakes lights over ride the turn signal.  Thinking I had problem with the install I called Blue Ox tech support and was told that is correct, the turn signal and brake light uses same wire.  Not having a turn signal while the braking system in the toad is active isn't a problem according to tech support and just the way it works.  No fix planned and been that way for years.
Title: Re: Blue Ox Lignhting Kit.
Post by: Mile High on November 09, 2017, 11:25:42 AM
Ya, that kit wires you up like a boat trailer which works fine until the Jeep brakes are pressed, because the Jeep brakes energize the light whether the MH does or not and it over-rides the MH flashing signal.

All of these kits cause complications. I went with this one from Hopkins (

It uses diodes and just intercepts the wiring to your tailights. If the MH is hooked up, the Jeep is working off the MH pigtail. The downside is, the side running lights on the front fenders are not powered from the running lights, only the rear, and kind of a unique aspect is the 3rd brakelight doesn't come on with MH braking, but does when the auxiliary brake in the Jeep activates. I kind of use that to my advantage as it alerts those in the rear of some extra braking going on rather than just my stupid federally mandated brake lights coming on with the exhaust brake...all the way down the pass  :-\
Title: Re: Blue Ox Lignhting Kit.
Post by: CWSWine on November 10, 2017, 04:44:48 PM
Looks like Road Master has a fix to the Blue Ox light kit problem.... (
Title: Re: Blue Ox Lignhting Kit.
Post by: CWSWine on November 19, 2017, 08:56:41 AM
We now have the relay kit installed and the turn signals and brakes lights work as they should. 

"The purpose of a brake light relay kit is to prevent your towed car's brake signal from overriding the turn signal that comes from your RV. When your towed vehicle is properly wired and connected to your RV, its indicator lights will illuminate as you engage the turn signals in your RV. However, if you have only a four-diode system in place, the turn signal will be overridden by your towed car's brake signal as soon as your supplemental braking system presses the towed car's brake pedal. As a result, drivers behind you know only that you're slowing down and not that you are turning. (

Installing a brake light relay in your towed vehicle fixes this problem by ensuring that your car's brake signal does not override the RV's turn signal. Therefore, your towed car's lights will function in accordance with your RV at all times."

This is known by Blue Ox but there isn't a fix works to fix it and the Road Master Relay does fix the problem.