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Title: Adding to our uke portfolio
Post by: Tom on January 01, 2018, 07:13:09 PM
Tomorrow is the Delta Strummers first practice of the new year. We have a full practice list, with possible further additions for a major concert in March.

Half of the practice will be an open mic' session, where band members audition (introduce) new numbers to the band for possible inclusion in our portfolio and in our practice list for upcoming performances.

I have a couple of numbers that I'll audition. Meanwhile, I've been trying to learn a few numbers performed by George Formby. Apart from needing to learn to play his unique "split strum" on the banjo uke, I also need to learn chords and melodies for several of his songs that I previously heard/learned as a kid in the movie theatre. So his numbers will have to wait for a future open mic' session.