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Title: Band In The Bay
Post by: Tom on February 03, 2018, 07:34:38 PM
With a band of 70 members it's inevitable that we would have "breakout groups", i.e. smaller subgroups that play together for one or maybe two numbers in a major concert. We have: The Office, The Back Row Band, The Bridge Kidz, The Garage Band, The A Capellas, and The Banjoukers.

I've occasionally joined some of these subgroups, only to find that some can be quite disorganized, and I've soon left the subgroup. Others are comprised of some talented folks, and they add variety to a concert program. Last evening I joined the newly-formed Band In The Bay, aka Discovery Bay, where most of us live, although there are numerous 'bays' here. The intent is fine but, without a talented leader, things can easily get confused. Folks playing/singing from different versions of a lead sheet don't help, and I become a little frustrated. A few weeks of practice should iron things out.