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Title: Back to guitar
Post by: Tom on June 12, 2019, 01:13:21 PM
I stopped playing guitar a couple of weeks before our recent ukulele concert; Muscle memory was getting confused, and I found myself trying to play guitar chords on a uke and vice versa. Now that the concert has gone and we're at our summer RV retreat (i.e. no uke band rehearsals), I dug out one of the guitars and I'm slowly getting back in the groove. I must admit that going from guitar to uke is much easier than the other way around.

I'm still blown away when a few folks in the uke band switch instruments between numbers, e.g. uke-guitar-uke; guitar-uke-guitar; guitar-uke-guitar-mandolin-guitar-banjo-guitar.

Meanwhile, my resident playing buddy is eager to get together. His instrument is a little different from a uke or a guitar, but he plays extremely well.
Title: Re: Back to guitar
Post by: SeilerBird on June 12, 2019, 01:18:47 PM
I have sold all my guitars in the last few years and now I own none. I would really suck if I tried to play right now. I did this on purpose so I would be concentrating on drums, ukes, bass and keyboards. However I am really missing guitar. My plan is to buy me a new guitar next year and get back into it. I have been eyeing a Koa LP.